Friday, March 14, 2014

Scott Brown attempting to unseat Dem. Jeanne Shaheen in NH

Yep, it's sadly true looks like Republican Scott Brown is making another attempt at attaining a Democratic senate seat. This time he MOVED to NH just to unseat the wonderful Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. I will not state the obvious that this must NOT happen.

I am sure NH Dems will come out in MAXIMUM strength to make sure it does NOT. The rancid Brown, equipped with his nefarious attack on the great Senator from Mass., Elizabeth Warren by besmirching her ethnicity with his insulting racist Indian war hooping minions leading the way, cannot be allowed yet again to try to turn the Senate Republican this time in the Massachusetts's neighboring state of New Hampshire. He did NOT win against Senator Warren and he CANNOT win against Shaheen.

NH voters MUST GET THE DEMOCRATIC vote out to ensure this does NOT happen.

We are at a crossroads in our nation's history. Either we move forward to an all inclusive nation or we move backwards into a pre Civil War era with the nullification of everything the Democratic Party has achieved for all of us.

The 1% are coming for it all -- your money and for everything as the great George Carlin so presciently predicted in his "American Dream" monologue.

Make NO mistake Scott Brown is NOT about you. He can say he is all he wants but he is NOT about the 98% He is about the 1% and most assuredly he is not about most of us!

Google George Carlin's "American Dream" monologue if you want to hear someone get a bulls-eye by predicting in 2007 what is true today. I wish he were here today to realize how correct he was. If you Google it be warned it contains some profanity. I can take the profanity because he is 100% right on the money ... literally!

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