Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Reality in Three Minutes: I URGE you to either click on this story by McClatchy one of the BEST news gathering organizations and one of the most ethical and even handed. Or go to McClatchy on Google and you will get it. Link below.

The video will tell you all you need to know in three minutes about just what the corporate swill is all about. It is why I am a TRUE liberal who is in favor of truth, justice and the American way. This is what your governments for decades have perpetrated on an unknowing unsuspecting public. It is WHY YOU MUST be aware and involved and NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Teabaggers are NOT the way. They are used by the corporations and DUPED utterly DUPED by them using everything from race to fear and hand it off to the politically unaware who carry their signs and think they know. They DON'T.

It's all a game and most of you are NOT in it. Take back your country YES, but put it in the hands of honest, ethical people who LOVE this country and would NOT do it in for a billion bucks. The few have been blessed by administrations who care about them and do NOT care about the average person. They care about people lining their pockets who vote according to THEIR own pocketbooks and would just as soon move to Dubai as stay here. WAKE UP and KNOW who REALLY is at fault and it is not people who tried to buy a house but the fault is at the FEET of the men who were behind the curtain manipulating everything from Wall Street directly to the White House to the Congress to the Courts. They BOUGHT it all and NOW look at where we are. We are in the primordial soup. All we have is our vote. Vote for those who REALLY care about your interests NOT about Wall Street and certainly not about the military industrial complex which has a vested interest in perpetual war. I include our present powerful as well.

Watch this you may just learn something if you do not already know it.