Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nancy Reagan: Chuck Todd's Sacchrine Praise

Yet again, Chuck Todd makes me want to gag as he says Nancy Reagan was "the greatest first lady in American history." Please, he seemed to leave out Eleanor Roosevelt!!!! It was said of Eleanor she was her husband's legs.

Chuck Todd makes me ill with his incorrect analysis of things political and stupid adulation of those oftentimes who do not deserve it. Did Nancy Reagan live up to the hype that is enshrining her effusive in death? Sometimes, perhaps, but there were many critical of her power over her husband. Unlike so many who lop a carload of praise on both of them there is MUCH to criticize from the inaction of the Reagan White House on the AIDS crisis to the illegalities of Iran/Contra which could, and perhaps, should have gotten him impeached.

Simply ask Ron Reagan, Jr. whose politics is 180 degrees different from his parents. It's called being an adult and Ron Reagan, Jr. surely is! Chuck Todd, give Eleanor Roosevelt equal time. Shame on you!

Ebola or Bubonic

The weekend primaries yesterday dictate that Rubio should get out of the Republicon race. Trump and Cruz will be left. I believe Trump will get the delegates he needs from Michigan, Ohio, Florida and others. The problem is the two that will be left, Cruz and Trump, are a choice between the Ebola virus or the Bubonic Plague. They are both horrendous.

Hillary has a shot IF she can get the email albatross off her neck. She received NO classified information nor sent out any. It was labeled classified AFTER the fact and she did not get hacked but the State Department did over other administrations too.

Officials from the Bush administration had private servers also but will the Republicans note that? You know the answer. When 1/2 of the country is an uninformed electorate this is what you get -- a Trump or a Cruz -- two awful choices and the Supreme Court is at risk! Progressives, if a Republicon is elected to the presidency, stand to lose everything we've gained over decades especially if there is a Republican Congress.

No need to say persons of color MUST be mobilized to vote.  Those who are liberal, progressives and hopefully independents do as well. It's simple: get out the Democratic vote everywhere!