Friday, June 22, 2012

History's Milieu

The president's speech before the Latino community, the same group in front of which the Republican opposition spoke yesterday, was GORGEOUS. The president's speech was passionate and it was from the heart. I had more than one lump in my throat as tears streamed down my face.

He hit a grand slam as he continues to solidify our base increasing the Latino and other base votes. He needed to deliver this great speech and he hit it out of the park. I don't care about the political calculation I care about the results and the results today were breathtaking.

There is NO comparison between the president and his ineffective and mendacious Republican opponent. Give the president a Congress he can work with, turn the Congressional House blue, keep the Senate and you will see a second term that WE dreamed of in 2008. His opposition has been intractable, his opposition has been racist, his opposition has been the cruelest I have ever experienced in many years of watching politics. This may have been the hateful environment in which President Lincoln governed in 1860. In this era in our time history's milieu repeats itself. DO NOT LET IT!

THIS IS WHY WE MUST SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT in any way we can. His second term awaits!

ONWARD to re-elect the president and Elizabeth Warren to the Senate