Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Charlotte -- No Comparison

For once -- a rare occurrence -- I am almost at a loss for words. I have seen many conventions; I have been supportive of progressive politics and the Democratic Party for a long time. Never, NEVER, never in my life have I ever been so proud to be a Democrat but even better I have never been so proud to be an American. I am always proud to be an American BUT this time it was special. I cried throughout many of the speeches but I especially cried at the video of Teddy Kennedy (oh yes, the right wingers will wax negative I'm sure. Who cares?) It was the most gorgeously produced and riveting political event I have ever witnessed. It had the most fabulous speakers and the most beautiful visuals I have ever seen.

As if it is not enough praise, Michele Obama was beyond good she was, as a web page put it, DAZZLING. From her speech to her dress she was everything gorgeous. She could not have delivered a better speech. I was awe struck!

AND I do not mind saying, while ALL and I do mean ALL, of the other speakers were perfect, we have a governor Deval Patrick who can deliver one fantastically charismatic speech. All the speakers were excellently articulate but this man has 2016 for president written on him as far as this Democrat is concerned. Governor, Sir, YOU WERE MAGNIFICENT!! And could someone with a last name Castro -- JULIAN Castro San Antonio, Texas mayor -- be on a presidential ticket? This Stanford/Harvard educated brilliant man was awe inspiring. His story is the American story and our American Dream story.

Thanks to all who made this one Democrat for once smile continuously for hours. I loved it all. Whatever happens it will remain a historically epic event. Are Democrats and what we stand for better than Republicans? -- YOU BETCHA -- NO comparison, none at all!

Why there is NO question in my mind Barack Obama WILL be re-elected president BUT we must put him there first. WORK and IMPORTANTLY VOTE for his re-election! AND of course work hard and VOTE for the election of the imminently qualified Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate. Watch her introduce President Clinton tonight!