Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Dangerous Choice for Ambassador to Israel Indeed

The NYTimes editorial board's opinion entitled "A Dangerous Choice for Ambassador to Israel" linked below hit the nail on the head.  Trump's utterly reckless choice of bankruptcy attorney David Friedman as ambassador to Israel is one of significant stupidity.  It will get hundreds, who knows maybe thousands, killed over time further imperiling and relegating the existence of a peaceful Jewish state to never ending war.  Friedman is an extremist of extreme right wing religious zealot and cannot possibly love the Jewish state if he thinks his fanatical policies will wrap a security blanket around it.  His policies will do just the opposite. 

Why do these know nothings chose policies that step on their own toes and break their own feet? What does this Cretan president-elect's  ambassadorial choice for Israel think that Palestinians will welcome policies that (a) kick dirt in their face by relocating the Jewish state capitol from Tel Aviv to contentious Jerusalem and (b) by building more Israeli settlements on the disputed West Bank land?   Does he think Palestinians will welcome these policies with open arms and go quietly into the night closing the door of Israel behind them to relocate to another place from land that has been their home for generations? 

Trump will alienate not only Palestinians but the entire Arab world's most stable and even unstable regimes perhaps even involving the major nuclear-equipped powers.  It is both naive stupidity and gross inhumanity which will do the opposite of generating peace.  It will ensure eternal war to that beleaguered-over-centuries sad land.  David Friedman as the US ambassador to Israel is just another crackpot choice by a crackpot president-elect!