Tuesday, November 12, 2013

JFK assassination: CIA and New York Times are still lying to us By David Talbot

Admission: I am NOT a conspiratorialist but I have always believed there was more to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy than was alleged in the Warren Commission Report. I have my own thoughts which could be in error or not. I do wonder why the president's body was whisked away so abruptly by the government security detail (CIA and FBI) at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where the body initially was taken never releasing the full autopsy performed by the Navy later on November 22, 1963.

I have wondered why Oswald said he was "a patsy." The Kennedys had enemies. We know the mafia hated him because his Attorney General brother Robert F. Kennedy went after them. Some in the upper echelons of the military had bitter disputes with the president because of the deep policy divisions between them and his administration, JFK's failure at the Bay of Pigs invasion along with his penchant for wanting detente and not war with the Soviets and its satellite Cuba.

The Assassination: There can be no doubt, it seems to me, that the president was shot by more than one bullet. First from the front as autopsy photos later released show in keeping with the president's head on the Zapruder film first going back, the president clutching his throat, then his head and body going forward as he was shot again shattering his skull and splattering his brain ubiquitously. There may have been a third bullet and even a fourth, fifth or sixth bullet.

Oliver Stone explains it thus:

“You see Kennedy make his—get a hit in the throat. Then you see Kennedy get a hit in the back. Then you see him essentially get a hit from the front. When he gets the hit from the front, which is the fourth or the fifth or the sixth shot, he goes back and to the left. That’s the basic evidence. You see a man fly back because he gets hit right here. Many witnesses at Parkland and at the autopsy in Bethesda saw a massive exit wound to the rear of his skull, to the right side. The people at Parkland, including the young doctor, McClelland, saw his cerebellum, his brain, go out the—almost falling out of the back of his skull. Later, when he gets taken – illegally (sic) immediately-- to the—to Bethesda, Maryland. — The military is telling them what to do.

And when this whole thing emerges, what we have are weird shots of—the back of his head is patched up, basically. And the shot—they’re trying to justify the shot from the rear to the front. So they’re saying that the shot from the back came into his back and hit Connally. There’s—they talk about three bullets. One missed. The magic bullet, that was devised by Arlen Specter and others, devises a path that’s impossible. It’s seven wounds in two people, in Kennedy and in Connolly. The bullet hits Kennedy"

Was it a perfect storm and was Oswald as he said simply a "patsy?" Perhaps. Will we ever really know? James Carroll in his well-written opinion in the Boston Sunday Globe here or below covering many manifestations of the assassination ends by admitting that perhaps we never will know.

The attached article by David Talbot says the conclusion that we will never know is the media's usual easy way out to not rock the boat of power. Is it? You decide.

One caveat: I was 14 years old when the president was assassinated. I can tell you where I was, the time of day it was, who told me and I can remember the night of the horrific act.
Recently I read a book entitled "Family of Secrets" about the Bush family. George HW (Poppy) Bush was in fact in government at the time of the assassination and -- although hidden for years -- was in the CIA. He was asked where he was when the president was assassinated and said he could not remember. He could not remember? Astounding. Hereis that story or below.

“Why do JFK conspiracy theories endure? A new book blames top US officials.”

This piece by David Talbot appearing in OpEdNews is well written and then some.

It is here or below.
I also for your edification link an audio of the interview of Oliver Stone by Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now” who in pertinent part talks about the JFK assassination in his new documentary “The Untold History of the United States.” It is here or below for you to review.





On Broadway--Being There

I have a brilliant idea. Why keep it a secret?

In past years I have gone to three operas which were live at the Met but which I saw at my local theater simultaneously broadcast in, of course, a wide screen HD format. Moreover, they actually, during intermission, took us behind the stage, interviewed opera stars and showed us how the set was constructed. We saw it all from the comfort of our local big screen theater but without the expense of travel, hotel and arduous walking or standing in line for those of us (and there were many) who cannot walk well, are seniors or those who are more severely handicapped. I think I paid around $25 for it and BEST of all I paid so little for so much. If one sat close which we did one thought one was at the Met itself in NYC.

My idea, as you probably have guessed, is why can we not bring Broadway plays to the general public at local theaters as opera now does through HD capability?

I checked what was on Broadway now and there is much I would absolutely love to see such as: "The Book of Mormon", "Kinky Boots", "Janis Joplin", "The Winslow Boy" and Off Broadway "Avenue Q". But I cannot. All of it is priced out of my range and worse out of my physical capability for NYC travel. I would, in a nanosecond, spend money as I did for the opera but spend it instead for Broadway at my local theater. I even have a great title for the business: "On Broadway." If I had business savvy and finances to risk I would risk it on that.

Think about it. What a bonanza it could be to have Broadway come to a theater near you OR even better would be the ability to purchase Broadway shows from your own cable TV provider instead of buying obnoxious shows like violent wrestling we can purchase now.

I do not think it would obviate the New York Broadway experience. Nothing can compete with being there but it can, I think, come close.