Saturday, September 02, 2017

Expectation of Violence on the Right

In response to Diane King's August 20, 2017 letter entitled "Demonizing the Charlottesville rally gatherers" (linked below) I must disagree with her position but surely agree with the Metrowest News's right to print it.  There is a conundrum for progressives here as I see it weighing the rights of free speech against the moral obligation of protesting the messengers of the hate.  If one looked closely in Charlottesville at those who appropriated their constitutional free speech guarantee one saw hundreds of white men with Tiki torches ablaze uttering inflammatory rhetoric such as "Jews will not replace us."  Moreover, we saw swastika emblazoned flags being carried by them proudly.  Those rabidly anti Semitic remarks carrying Nazi ornaments are reminiscent of the Nazi movement in Europe of the 1930's once thought dead and buried but now because of the Trump presidency have been given not only life but horrifically power. 

Nuremberg has taught us that it is our moral obligation to meet the messengers of hate with opposition and they were met, of course, with that.  The political right must expect moral outrage to their incendiary message.  The extremist right is gun loving, gun toting violent happily screaming they were going to kill their opposition if they had to.  One need only remember the murder of 168 innocents 19 of whom were children by the right wing nationalist, Timothy McVeigh, when he parked a truck packed with explosives near the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma he thought a dandy way to lodge his protest against the federal government.  More than 650 other people were injured in the bombing that damaged or destroyed more than 300 buildings as well.

The immorality and violence of the extremist right is the reality of the extremist right.  The right is saturated with unnecessary fury since white men have held power and still do for over 300 years.  Worse they are loaded for bear toward any they deem the "other."  Their mantra that their white identity (as if there were one) is at risk of replacement is reductio ad absurdum.  
Given the past horrors of extremist right wing nationalist movements as being those who kill those they deem the "other" by the millions because of an ethnic supremacist irrational rationale it is incumbent upon all moral men and women of good conscience to oppose them by any means necessary!