Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Letter to Barbara

I enclose a wonderfully written opinion by the great Barbara Streisand here and below entitled: Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice. I urge you to read it. It is exquisitely written. I commented:

I love you, Barbara Streisand, and I always will. Your article is beautifully written and everything you say is exactly correct. It is gorgeously choreographed like the many talented things you have done during your life.

Ms. Streisand, you are a superstar and you are my superstar. There will never be another like you. Moreover, not only can you do superbly all the artistic things you have done you also have honed a political philosophy that is, at its core, humane to work for the betterment of our nation and our world.

Thank you for all you have given us, our country and for all that you have given to the progression of men and women through the arts. You are our national treasure!

What Ryan is Calling Romney and Scott Brown's Classless Racism

According to Larry O'Donnell quoting Politico, Paul Ryan is calling Romney "The Stench!" i.e. if "The Stench calls tell him I'm having finger cookies with Peggie Noonan."

If this gives you pause to laugh, do so BUT NEVER take anything for granted. Keep working hard AND keep telling everyone you know to REGISTER TO VOTE especially if you have friends in states like Florida, Ohio and other swing states who are voting Democratic but who Republicans want to suppress their vote.

Moreover, the ballot in Florida is long and that is an understatement. NO MATTER, tell your friends in Florida to become familiar with it and do NOT let that impede their voting for the president!

These things are of the UTMOST importance. COMPLACENCY IS NOT A STRATEGY. Complacency is a strategy for losing -- and a Romney presidency would be Bush on steroids and is unacceptable. Take NOTHING for granted.

I might add another shameful action by Scott Brown's own STAFF. The Native American racism they exhibited at a get together of staff reminded me of a lynching in the south during the era of Jim Crow. It was an EMBARRASSMENT to not only to the bully candidate Brown but an INSULT to Massachusetts citizens in general everywhere. See Rachel Maddow if you want the disgusting details of the latest Scott Brown racist malfeasance. He is an ABOMINATION. It should remind you that the Republicans have NOTHING and is the reason we CANNOT be complacent and MUST re-elect the president and the GREAT BRILLIANT Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate!