Monday, November 02, 2015

TransCanada Shelves Its U.S. Keystone Application

YEEEEEHAAAAAA!! Activism works!!! I just said when the story broke that the Canadian NEWLY elected VERY LIBERAL Justin Trudeau government probably had as much to do with the sinking of this disgusting tarsands trans oil pipeline as did the very effective opposition here. Rachel Maddow just said that was so. I cannot believe I called it I say humbly. A BIG WIN for the planet and a big loss for filthy, disgusting, polluting, climate destroying rancid oil!!

Sweet Sweet People

Metrojet Crash: What Could Cause a Plane to Break Up in Midair? Story here or below:

My vote: A BOMB on board creating an explosion. Why? 1. It is being said by many experts that the plane was solid -- lets out mechanical failure; 2. A missile? No, ISIS does not have the capability of shooting a missile that far up. 3. EXPLOSION? -- YES either a suicide bomber which these fanatics think will get them 152 virgins in heaven or someone surreptitiously left it on-board and then got off the plane. My final vote: A suicide bomber. Sweet sweet people -- NOT! 

Mr. Putin:  Your move!