Saturday, March 11, 2017

What's to Fear?

A Facebook blogger says: "What gets me are evangelical Christians backing Trump--the man who bragged about violating all the seven deadly sins. To me, it shows that they are a political group, not a religious one"

MY COMMENTS: It is ridiculous for those Evangelical and fundamentalist churches to get a tax exemption when they spew their political waste from their pulpits. I cannot believe I am living in the same nation I did just a year ago. That ride down the Trump Tower escalator by Trump to announce his candidacy for president with his paid cheering section above was the kiss of death for our nation unless those who support this mendacious monster grow a brain.

His supporters do not care that he is unethical, that he has, I allege, committed the highest of crimes and misdemeanors including treason for which he should be impeached and convicted because at the core of their love for him is that he has made a place for white supremacist racists who love rounding up brown people and throwing them out of the country. No other candidate would ruin the lives of so many innocents tearing men, women, the sick and the elderly from their children. Even some Republican candidates would not have constructed a religious Muslim ban of entry into this nation or want to eradicate social safety nets and healthcare knowing millions will die. Wingnuts do not care because there is a violence in the soul of the right wing and the extremist loves satisfying his/her hideous mental monstrosity.

What happened to 1/3 of our country? Where does that cruelty come from? Trumpistas would love to send African Americans back to Africa, Hispanics back to where they came from and Muslims back to anywhere but here and Trump gives them a racist forum to do it. No minority is safe -- not blacks, not Hispanics, not Muslims, not Jews, not LGBT people, not the elderly and not the poor. That is why nothing Trump does that is so egregiously unethical and even illegal matters to them. They do not care if people suffer. In fact, I believe, they love it.

I wonder how they will feel when their own children and grandchildren succumb to climate change fossil fuel pollution realities. The preponderance of the right wing is cruel, they are violent and they love guns. Trump is all those things as well or at least pays lip service to them. Why people are what they are is for psychiatrists to analyze the nature and nurture of it all. The bully no matter how much he is analyzed still bullies. What's to fear? Answer: EVERYTHING!

Calling 007

Flynn was a foreign agent when he was in National Security meetings with Trump. Trump has a BIG problem and it is in the link below: