Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Preeminence of Science

Ben Carson Leads 2016 Republicans In New National Poll. See story here or below.

Why is this nation the laughing stock of nations that value intellect, science and the truth they bring to the advancement of man?

How is it possible that Ben Carson, a man SUPPOSEDLY of science, indeed, a neurosurgeon, denies what even my 9th grade biology high school teacher and all preeminent scientists especially in the fields of biology, virology, infectious disease, chemistry, archaeology, and more know to be true and provable multiple times over? Evolution is NOT theory as is our popular definition of theory. Evolution is FACT and Carson denies it.

One cannot understand the mutations of bacteria, viruses, the progression of infectious disease and these microscopic beings' evolutionary ability to survive despite all drugs thrown at them without understanding evolutionary DNA mutation. Evolution explains ALL life on earth.

How is it possible that a man, SUPPOSEDLY acknowledged in his field of neurosurgery, holds the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial backward belief in the anti-intellectual reactionary era of Tennessee and Appalachia at that time?

It has been said by some that Carson, when he does NOT become president, and he will not, will earn millions from the religious fundamentalist science denying communities through book deals, religious lectures, Christian TV and many other venues of the truth denying Evangelical religious extremist environs. Carson knows he can make millions from them and from those who ridiculously and erroneously think the Bible science.

Those who value intellect, academics, science and its proof should NOT allow him to get within an inch of White House power! We who love the truths of science should research his medical background at Johns Hopkins to see how a science-denying charlatan can overtake even Trump. Both men are preeminently unqualified for the presidency.