Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Case of the Missing Mail: The news reports today about the 225 days of missing White House email which just happens to have begun in 2003. How odd that just happens to be when the Iraq War began. How surprised am I? I am not surprised by anything surreptitious this administration has done. The press, in general, seems to have forgotten all about that curious coincidental lost email. Will it forget about the phony letter to justify the Iraq War, or the dubious Anthrax investigation, or the bogus aluminum tubes, or the non-connection between Al Qaeda and Sadam Hussein, or the lack of WMD in Iraq? The list of trumped up reasons the Bush administration used to justify taking a country to war and the illegalities attendant to that goes on and on and on and on. I won't extrapolate, too, about the exposure of a CIA agent because her husband had the audacity to say Bush's war was phony from the beginning and there was, in fact, no uranium sent from Africa. Ah, those16 infamous words George Bush, with his suspiciously shifting eyes, used to lie to Congress to commit US troops and so many others to die in a fraudulently perpetrated war. Does this administration know how to do anything else but lie? Have they ever in eight years told the truth? If so about what? I have yet to find the truth except the few times those within that corrupt White House, at great cost to their own well being, braved administration retribution to tell it like it really was.

From the day George Bush began campaigning for the presidency lying about challengers within his own party, when he used a listening device to cheat at a debate explaining a bulge in the back of his suit as a wardrobe malfunction, when he fixed the 2004 election with machines that were rigged, stole Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 by perpetrating irregularities, George Bush knew how to win only by lying.

When he first set foot into the White House not heeding warnings about an Al Qaeda impending attack up through and including all the lies about the war when on God's earth has this Republican administration told the truth? From 2000 to 2006 there were nothing but lies from an immoral president assisted by an utterly corrupt Republican Congress with the help of a few Democrats too. Hasn't the American public had enough? How many more lies, how many more deaths, how much more money will be spent on fraudulently concocted policies to support political cronies who pay lots and lots of cash to ensure things remain the same and never change. It is up to the American public to not just ask for honesty but demand it by demanding an accounting of those we the people place in office for the egregious lies they tell and the illegal things they do. If not now when?