Friday, February 29, 2008

The Jewish Question about Obama: I will support Barak Obama if he is the Democratic nominee. I am also Jewish. I have heard some in the Jewish community express to me some reservation about supporting Senator Obama because of the tangential support he has received from those like Louis Farrakhan who are thought to be anti-Semites. It, admittedly, too, gives me pause that Senator Obama was for twenty years affiliated with a particular church which employed Pastor Wright as its minister. Pastor Wright has issued gobs of praise for Louis Farrakhan, a man who called Judaism a "gutter religion."

I sometimes believe the organizations one joins tells me something about a person's character. The United Church of Christ, Senator Obama's church, generally is and has been, in my opinion, a force for good. Occasionally, though the more progressive churches have been, unfortunately, sympathetic to Islamic political causes, are anti Israel and by extension sometimes anti-Semitic. This, admittedly, bothers me.

However, I will take Senator Obama at his word which he gave in the last debate when he said he not only denounces Louis Farrakhan he rejects him as well. I cannot imagine Senator Obama would go back on what he has said. One can never be sure, though, of any candidate's policies once he is elected president and can do what he wants. Israel's position is precarious and its very existence is at risk. The Jewish people, a small but historically besieged minority in the world, are once again, it seems eternally, threatened. I am hoping Barak Obama if the nominee and if elected president will have more credence in the Arab world which, I believe, could actually help not harm the Jewish state.

I am always concerned about the true sentiments of the possible and, perhaps, probable next president of the most powerful nation on earth. I hope the Senator does not disappoint me. If Barak Obama is the nominee I will, of course, without question, vote for him. I trust his veracity but as a Jew history has taught that I be always vigilant.