Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Enemy of the People -- Re-fighting the Civil War

If you watched the evening news then you know how imperative it is to work for the re-election of our president and for all Democrats throughout the nation. Give when you can, do as much as you are able and mobilize like we have never mobilized before. The nation is on fire and it is burning. The president with a hostile Congress will never be able to put the fire out because the insipid science deniers will not let him.

If you watched the evening news then you saw that there is absolutely NO loyal opposition left. The Republican Party is now energized, it seems, more than it has been since the 2010 elections. The Republican Party has become the enemy of the people and the enemy all of us who want humanitarian policy and the recognition of sound science. They are the enemy of truth, they are the enemy of science, they are the enemy of a suffering American population to whom the passage and constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act is life saving but if allowed they will repeal it even in the face of their own Chief Justice's affirmative decision upholding it. They are the enemy of a president whose skin color makes them see fire and want him removed with every fiber of their being.

We MUST fight fire with the fire of our OWN enthusiasm, never forgetting for one moment if God forbid Republicans take the presidency, the House again and the Senate as well, we are done as a nation. They will return, because they simply are not intelligent enough to realize it, our nation to the clutches of the 1% wealthiest who do not care about them and most certainly do not care about us, the elderly, the disabled and the poor to whom health care is NOT a luxury but a necessity and should be a right.

We have in the past week, achieved many victories BUT do NOT allow that to lull us into a sense of complacency. We MUST fight, we must never give in, we must never falter and we must never fail. We, as Democrats, as human beings with empathy for those whom life's good fortune has forgotten, must work until the last hour of the last minute of the last second until the polls close all over the nation in November. A defeat for the president is UNTHINKABLE!

The opposition is energized like never before because they simply cannot endure a black president and a black family residing in the White House. This is 2012 but it may as well be 1860. Our president is the Lincoln of our time. Win this election for the president as if you were re-fighting the Civil War because in many ways you are!

Onward to re-elect the president

A Flip-Flopping-Flounder Candidate and Party

The president is so far and above the best candidate, has proven his mettle, done some VERY good things of which progressives should take note, that to elect a man who has flip flopped more than a fished-out-of-the-water flounder, cannot connect to much of the American electorate and even to many in his own Party is out of the question. I heard a winger say he was moving to Canada if the president, because of the health care passage, was re-elected. I might remind that person Canada has nationalized health care!

The Republican Party is impossible for even an economic moderate to support. It was not always but has become a vicious, mean-spirited, uncompromising and extreme right wing Party. Moreover, and worst of all, its aura is racist and its composition nearly all white. Not only would I never vote Republican I would be ashamed to register as one.

When Nixon was president, because I needed a summer job, a nice Republican student I knew helped me secure one with the Republican State Committee of Mass. I was NOT Republican. I was a civil rights advocate, war protester and true left of center Democrat BUT needing a summer job prevailed. Even though I agreed with them on nothing they were some of the nicest people individually with whom I worked and had the pleasure to get to know. It was a wonderful experience and I grew to love many of the state committee workers there.

Today, not only would I NEVER consider working for a Republican organization even in a summer job I could not even TALK to any on policy or truthfully have any as close friends. The political milieu between us is that toxic, angry and sad! I am hoping rather than health care being the President's Waterloo, as the cerebrally challenged Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said, that the vote in November will be the last gasp of a Party of white which bears no resemblance to the lovely people I once knew so many years ago and that November will be a big win for Democrats!