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Trump's new campaign manager's Steve Bannon's vicious Anti-Semitic Jew hating comments

Steve Bannon, the new Trump Campaign Manager, is VICIOUSLY anti Semitic as well as anti-Muslim and anti-Hispanic.

There is major news coming out which I am not able to find the headlines yet. It has to do with the Trump campaign manager and former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon and his VICIOUSLY antiSemitic Jew hating remarks he made in court papers in a spousal abuse and ultimately divorce case against his wife. He is a VICIOUS anti-Semite. Headlines to follow!

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who YOU are.

Why am I NOT surprised?

Don't fail to tell all of our Jewish friends who somehow think the Republican Party is for them and Israel to give it another look. Donald Trump is NOT a friend!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why I am depressed -- I urge you to listen to this YouTube and Make a Decision

I urge you to listen to this Youtube by Noam Chomsky. You do not have to agree with all of his politics throughout his life but what he says now with respect to our political system is spot on correct! Listen and make a decision as to what needs to be done most especially electorally crushing not only Trump but the entire Republican Party before we can begin to address the destroyers of our species and planet -- climate change and nuclear war.

 World News

A Little Levity -- very little -- I actually made up a joke!

What would Jesus say to Trump after hearing his cruel, mean, vindictive, angry, hostile, mendacious, crude, murderous, and rude verbosity?

Perhaps he would say to him "Go and sin no more."

To which Trump would say "No, I cannot pivot and won't change."

To which Jesus would say "To hell with you, I'm a With Her!"



Republicans lie and they lie ALL the time. Problem is their not too bright base believes the untruths. Sad and so worrisome. The anti-intellectualism of right wing extremists burns my brain.

It's simple. One can analyze it through Darwin's survival of the fittest truth. If one does not accept the truths of science that culture will die. Eventually, for example, if global climate change is not addressed by getting OFF fossil fuels we will NOT survive.

Those nations that accept the truths of science SIGNIFICANTLY reducing and even eventually eliminating fossil fuels WILL survive. So it's simple really either you accept science or die rejecting it believing a sky god will make things right. It won't. WE MUST! HILLARY CLINTON DOES NOT REJECT SCIENCE BUT TRUMP DOES!…/neal-larson-neil-degrasse-t…&

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I love to surf the Internet and do so on religious issues at times about which I write for others to contemplate too. I was talking to a friend about Christianity and told her when I was in college I had a flirtation with Christianity because I was politically very left of center more than even now. I loved the peace and the love message of Christianity and thought then maybe Christ's message had reason and that he had purpose. We talked about the "Beatitudes" of which there are 8. They are enumerated below.  I have questions at the end of them:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

How on this earth can the religious fundamentalist extremist right wing square their beliefs with that. Santorum, Huckabee, Carson surely Trump who is NO Christian or any other right wing fanatic of which white supremacists haters are among them who claim to be Christian when all the Beatitudes that allegedly came from Christ's own mouth at the Sermon on the Mount sound more like liberal sentiment than they do the "conservative" right. It is why Christianity appealed to me then so many years ago.

Christ allegedly overthrew the money changers in the Temple but the Republican Party is the Party of big money and big religion is about big money. This Jew is asking how does the essence of Christianity square with modern day hateful Republican political Christian thought? I think these things are the seeming hypocrisies, another thing Christ loathed -- hypocrites. The Republican Party is FILLED with them.


Monday, August 22, 2016

I did not write this article but I could have. I've been saying the same things since Trump came off the esclator to infect our lives

Once again, Trump snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in the news cycle -- Daily Kos

We so often hear that Donald Trump’s real talent is in showmanship, sales skills, marketing and public relations. The talking heads crow with pride that he’s a political outsider, they remind the faithful over and over that Trump can really take care of business, that he's a black-belt when it comes to PR and back-room negotiating, and we’re then reassured that that’s why we should all suspend common sense and vote for him. It seems to work on lots of voters, around 35% to 40% by last count.

But to watch the Republican nominee for President bumble his way straight toward the worst ass kicking since McGovern and Goldwater combined is a study in what to never do when cameras and microphones are pointed in your direction. At this point any objective observer has to wonder, could he screw it up worse if he tried?

And the answer isn’t eleventy-billion dimensional chess or anything like that. Trump is just a common trust fund kid who got in over his head by a quirk of fate, and he doesn’t have a chance in hell of coming out of it with a shred of dignity left intact.

The list of Trump’s strategic and tactical failures is rapidly becoming to tl;dr. Two highlights are the Judge Curiel and Gold-star family Kahn debacles, each of which resulted in two separate, empirically measurable poll crashes from which Trump may never recover.

These aren’t exceptions any more, they have become rules. Time and time again, Trump has swaggered into the limelight in the midst of a news cycle that was already working in his favor, only to halt any positive momentum and redirect the nation’s spotlight to his serial failures as a candidate. This weekend, the backdrop was the flood stricken waste of what was once a nice part of Louisiana:

The enduring image of an uncomfortable Trump literally handing Play-Doh to Pence while flooding victims stared at him in confusion is already playing poorly across nearly all portions of the political media spectrum, apart from extremist site Breitbart, which is now officially running Donald Trump’s campaign as of this week. Trump may end up wishing he had heeded the Louisiana Governor’s warning and simply made a donation instead.

For several days the alt right has been building a myth that President Obama had stubbornly, selfishly remained on summer vay-cay, not so much as lifting one of his brown fingers, and thus condemning the desperate, whiter victims of Baton Rouge and other flooded communities in the Pelican State to a watery grave. It was nonsense, it is part and parcel to the usual managed ignorance dipped in vitriol so favored in those dark corners, and it had a better chance of hanging a Katrina level streak of cruel incompetence around Obama’s neck than anything else they’ve tried in the last eight years.

But instead of that carefully cultured story dominating right-wing cable news and bleeding over into the rest of the media universe, there are now pics depicting about as clear a sleazy exploitation of tragedy ever seen going viral all over social media. Each and everyone starring Donald J Trump in the leading role.

This is not a fluke, it’s happened too many times. This is not bad advice, it’s happening over and over again despite several senior staff shake ups. This is Trump, this is who he really is when the insulation that vast inherited wealth can provide is ripped off and the man underneath is revealed: Trump is no master showman, he is no PR wiz, and he’s not even particularly bright. Trump is just another lucky one-percenter who was born wealthy and managed to not lose that endowment. Hardly evidence for investing brilliance in the middle of the longest period of prosperity for the super-wealthy since the Pax Romana.

Trump bought some NYC real estate with daddy’s money, and that’s an investment much like the &P 500; you simply could not lose over the last three or four decades on that deal. In fact, there has been some convincing debate that just parking money in a blue-chip index fund like the S&P 500 would have performed significantly better than Trump has done with all his supposed investment mystique.

Trump is a complete fraud, from head to tail. He’s a garden-variety trust fund kid with trophy wives who bought his way into leagues he can’t compete in. Like so many trust funders he fell prey to the seductive idea that he did it all by his lonesome. The only difference between most rich kids who make that mistake and Trump is he’s in over his head in the public sphere in such a big way that no one can protect him, so it’s all unraveling in a rather spectacular public fashion at his expense. And I don’t know which is funnier, watching Trump flail around like a drunken monkey so far out of his league that the light from the league would take a million years to reach him, or reading various pundits who should know better, and probably do, explain that, somehow, Trump is so dang successful and cunning that he’ll come out of this better off -- and maybe he even planned it all along.

Hint: this flameout campaign wasn’t planned, folks, everyone should drop that nonsensical idea. This is what actually happens when an overgrown juvenile bozo like Trump buys his way into the big leagues without paying his dues or demonstrating any talent. This what happens when a clown that’s been sheltered all of their life from the consequences of lousy or humdrum choices and instead told they are a genius at everything they touch, actually goes out onto a level playing field with actual world-class competitors.

This is like one of the Walmart kids buying their way onto an Olympic Team: there is no miracle finish. They don’t win Cinderella gold, they don’t win consolation silver, they don’t knock out Apollo Creed and bring home split-decision bronze. They barely get a chance to catch their breath on the field before being humiliated and bruised and bloodied. Trump will be crushed by this defeat, he will never live it down, he will never be the same. Trump will forever be the biggest political loser of our time. And when it is over, he might at best limp along grifting the extreme right like a neutered Sarah Palin for a few years, before sinking into a final reclusive eccentricity and well deserved senility.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Young Voters Flee Trump -- I can't believe it

In response to Jeff Jacoby's Sunday Boston Globe, August 21, 2016 editorial "Young voters flee Trump" (linked below) what can I not believe?  I cannot believe this most liberal progressive as I am  thinks the nearly always conservative Jeff Jacoby's snap shot of young voters' response to the Trump-stained Republican Party is 100% correct.  This must be the first time in which I agree with every sentence of the article Mr. Jacoby wrote.  He is spot on accurate.  Trump has been a death wielding cancer on the Republican Party that showed profound impotence to fund a credible NeverTrump pharmacological movement to try to eradicate its fatal disease.  Now it has become a genetic mutation whose DNA will be carried from generation to generation.  If a Party loses the youth vote it loses its future.
I have never supported a Republican for president but I never loathed Dole, McCain or Romney as much as I do Trump.  Trump is an obnoxious right wing extremist fringe category unto himself.  Although I personally cannot say I was overcome with the vapors for Ronald the Adored Reagan, a president whom Jeff Jacoby loves, I will admit to the likeability of the man.  He was in one word nice.  Nice is not a word used in the Trumpian dictionary to describe Trump.  Rather the words ugly, miscreant, malevolent, and mendacious to describe Trump come to mind.

The GOP is not and has never been in modernity the Party of Lincoln.  That is fabulistic.  It does have its nascent roots, however, in the 1968 white racist Independent Party of George Wallace that won the deep south. The Republican Party of red took over from Wallace and happily fostered its fringe. The fact that Mr. Jacoby thinks that Republican Party is gone forever makes this progressive very happy.  I can only hope that Jeff Jacoby is correct!

Sow the Wind


This is what COULD happen if the thin-skinned Trump is even near the nuclear codes about which he asks so many questions.

You should know the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were minuscule compared to what exists in our arsenal today. The United States remains the only country to have dropped the atomic bomb and Japan still lives with the consequences of both the physical and genetic effects of radiation as well as the emotional effects of trauma.

If you care about your children, if you care about your grandchildren, if you care about those you love and if you care about yourselves then the explosive Trump, the know nothing Trump, the foreign policy ignorant Trump, the uber nationalist Trump and his entourage of right wing hateful extremists must NEVER EVER be allowed near the nuclear codes.


"Conservative" Never Ending Blather The Good Clinton Fooundation Has Done

If Sec. Clinton took baby sitting money the gd conservative so called "judicial watch" would have something negative to say. HRC cannot breathe without some "conservative" JERK trying to get her. She is dealing and has dealt with the appearance of the Clinton Foundation but that is not enough. Trump THE NEVER ENDING HYPOCRITE with PLENTY of things of his that should and maybe are being investigate should shut his ever widening orange mouth.

What good CF has done: Opinion by Huffington Post: AMY CHOZICK and STEVE EDER

Begun in 1997, the foundation has raised roughly $2 billion and is overseen by a board that includes Mr. Clinton and the couple’s daughter, Chelsea. Mrs. Clinton joined when she left the State Department and stepped down in 2015 before beginning her campaign. Its work covers 180 countries, helping fund more than 3,500 projects.

Having a former president at the helm proved particularly productive, with foreign leaders and business people opening their doors — and their wallets — to the preternaturally sociable Mr. Clinton.

Among the charity’s accomplishments: Its Clinton Health Access Initiative — which is run by Ira C. Magaziner, who was a White House aide involved in Mrs. Clinton’s failed effort to overhaul the health care system in her husband’s first term — renegotiated the cost of H.I.V. drugs to make them accessible to 11.5 million people. The foundation helped bring healthier meals to more than 31,000 schools in the United States, and it has helped 105,000 farmers in East Africa increase their yields, according to the foundation’s tally.

In December 2008, shortly before Mrs. Clinton became secretary of state, Mr. Clinton released a list of more than 200,000 donors to defuse speculation about conflicts.

Soon after, Mrs. Clinton agreed to keep foundation matters separate from official business, including a pledge to “not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and predictable effect upon” the foundation without a waiver. The Obama White House had particularly disliked the gatherings of world leaders, academics and business people, called the Clinton Global Initiative, that the foundation was holding overseas. The foundation limited the conferences to domestic locations while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state. On Thursday, Mr. Clinton said the gathering in September in New York would be the foundation’s last.