Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"Mick Mulvaney Admits He Spoke Only To Lobbyists Who Paid Him Mick Mulvaney has been criticized for his cozy ties to the financial industry."
My Comment: Nothing surprises me anymore especially about Republicans and double especially about the Trump administration and their Congressional Republicans. Somehow they got those on the white lower socio-economic end of the spectrum to believe that Trump's Republicon Party is about them especially if they are white. It was a con maybe the biggest con ever sold because, in fact, they were not about the middle class or working classes they were about the white 2% richest in the nation.

Trump lied (big surprise) and got low intellect unthinking voters to believe there was nothing in it for Trump because he was a billionaire and did not need the money. In fact it was ALL about him while he
spit on the emoluments clause of the Constitution.  He slipped the working classes a mickey telling them he was giving them tax cuts. The tax cuts for the middle class and working classes were minimal and NOT permanent but the billionaire tax cuts were HUGE and permanent. What a con.

My hat goes off to them, though, because despite the media showing the light Trump over and over and over again called it the fake media and fake news allowing his propaganda arm of Fox to tell his lies to his so called base who believed it.

In the end Trump was NOT going to drain the swamp but add to the swamp pulling the wool over many middle class and blue collar taxpayers' heads. Just wait until his new tax code kicks in.  My accountant said the working classes will get the surprise of their life but it should be no surprise at all if you figured out that every time Trump says believe me one needs to believe the opposite. 

Those who insanely pulled the lever for Trump you have been had, as Sherlock Holmes would say, properly had!  Maybe in November, 2018 you will think the opposite and vote your interests.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Prescription

Can this man Trump do anything proper and nominate candidates for high office who are qualified?  The number of things for which this Cretan president could and should be impeached are legion, could fill a library and are growing every day.  The stages of my accepting this mentally unfit monstrosity as the president have morphed from maybe he will not be as bad as I thought after all he was once a Democrat to he is as bad as I feared he would be.  In fact, he is worse than I thought.  Trump is not only unfit for the office of president he is a danger to it.

Trump must be removed from office by all legal means necessary and with speed.  Republican Congressional resistance to that means they are complicit in the possible demise of democracy, our nation, the world and even the planet.  He is ignoring the corruption of those he, with the assistance of Congress, has put into positions of cabinet secretarial power who are unqualified for the positions of power they hold.  

Scott Pruitt, EPA secretary, has as Oklahoma Attorney General sued the EPA numerous times, wants to eradicated the office he holds and is undoing pollution regulations that keep our nation and its children safe.  He has cost this nation millions in abuses of power, in unusual and unnecessary expenses for personal office security and travel requirements.  Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, courts "allegations that Zinke has mixed professional and personal business, dodged campaign finance laws and generally demonstrated dubious ethics that have led watchdog groups to call for investigations for other allegedly illegal conduct such as attending political events while on duty, private plane travel, selling government property under the value of the property."  Ben Carson, HHS secretary has ordered expensive items for his office including a dining room set and hutch worth $31,000, custom-made chairs and blamed his wife for ordering them.  Trump and his cabinet are unnecessarily bilking the taxpayers of millions.

The latest of unvetted nomination of this lazy president is his nomination of the White House doctor for oversight of the VA, a huge job for which Jackson has zero experience and now there is more egregious behavior alleged.  Either other allegations of Dr. Jackson's lack of character and immoral conduct are untrue OR if they are true the fact that he has no experience running a huge organization like the VA will be the least of his problems. The further allegations against him now if true will sink his nomination.  They include his alleged disrespectful relationship with White House medical staff, heavy drinking during office hours as well as -- the worst of all those rumored accusations -- the improper writing of prescription drugs.  If true these egregious accusations would not only deep six his nomination but also leave him, in my opinion, criminally at risk!

A doctor who deals with life and death issues putting patients at risk by bad or illegal behavior is unfathomable and further, to oversee the gargantuan office of the VA for which he has zero experience is intolerable.  In the end it is the president who shows us over and over and over again just how unfit for and dangerous to the presidency and our nation he is.  The committee that oversees the nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson for VA secretary should deny him the position not write him a prescription for it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Our Declining Public Discourse

Jeff Jacoby, an editorialist with whom I usually disagree but his editorial "Our &@*!^$# public discourse" on Sunday, April 22 (see link below) I could not agree with more.  A point of personal privilege, however, is an admission that I am guilty of using profanity in both political and personal discussion as well at times. I plead mea culpa to that.   I believe his article hits a Red Sox home run with the Ortiz example after the Boston Marathon bombing.  What we say and how we say it says much about so much. One can tell one's educational level, one's ability to speak cogently correct English, the level to which we will stoop to articulate a point and how much off color language we think we need to use to prove that point.

The late 1960's, an era I loved and often want to relive, ushered in a freedom of many cultural things heretofore taboo.  It loosened sexual mores, it freed up the dress code, it opened up topics for discussion one would never have mentioned before and it allowed women to say things only a man used to be able to say.  An allowance of profanity in language never before used is now commonplace and permitted to be used in discussion to emphasize one's point.

It was refreshing, then, to me that the late 1960's era ushered in a freedom I never before experienced.  I thought it was a social good after all who wants to remain imprisoned by so many ridiculous social customs illuminated by June Cleaver, Beaver's mother, wearing a hat, gloves and high heels to a barbecue while her husband was dressed in comfortable clothes? As often is the case human beings take a social good and create a monster ushering in a coarsening of culture with, as Steve Allen entitled his book, vulgarians at the gate.

The election of Donald Trump has ushered in a continuation of a cultural coarsening monstrosity on steroids creating a hardening of the national culture already on its way to the extremes of crudity.  When bad language is permitted and used at the top by the president it sets a standard that it is okay not only to use vulgar language but to degrade one's opponent by any words necessary. The presidential licentious behavior sexual and otherwise, his using of ugly profane language when others are witness to what he said sums up the dastardly nature of the president, his allies and what our culture has become when six year olds are barred from listening to the 6:30 p.m. news.  Donald Trump has given a permission slip to use the profanity he uses all the time and a toleration of a sidecar of violence associated with it. His many campaign appearances prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

Personally, I will try to do better curbing my own use of bad language since I do have the ability to use correct English both in written language and its oral counterpart.  I surely cannot say the president will curb his own profane and often hurtful language as well.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Why I love James Comey

I thought the following quote written by James Comey in his book "A Higher Loyalty -- Truth, Lies and Leadership" was another example among many that represents the essence of an honorable man:

He says,  "All of us have encounters with death in our lives.  It's inevitable.  I've had my share. I visited Patrice [his wife] who at that time was just my girlfriend, while she was in the Peace Corps in a remote village in Sierra Leon, West Africa, I nearly died from contracting malaria.  If she had not driven me in the middle of the night on the back of her motorcycle and literally dragged me into a remote hospital, I would not have made it.  But sometimes it isn't when we face death ourselves, but rather death takes away those we love the most, that we really learn about just how short our time on earth is and why what we do with that time matters."

These are the words of a thoughtful empathetic man who does, in my opinion, not deserve the pillorying he has gotten from the most irreverent, thoughtless and cruel human on earth who unhappily just happens to be our president now. 

Hang tight, Mr. Comey, keep hoping President Obama's thought rings true: "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice."   President Obama took that quote from Martin Luther King.  Martin Luther King took that quote from Justice Theodore Parker.  In case one does not know who Theodore Parker is as I did not Wiki explains: "Theodore Parker (August 24, 1810 – May 10, 1860) was an American Transcendentalist and reforming minister of the Unitarian church. A reformer and abolitionist, his words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr." and I might add President Barack H. Obama.  I imagine that James Comey might be on that distinguished list too.

Friday, April 20, 2018

NYT: 6 Takeaways From the James Comey Memos+ My Comment

My Comment: Trump is obsessed with the dossier and specifically with the sex tape.  If one has nothing to worry about then one should want the FBI to use him as a "subject" of an investigation to exonerate him.

Obviously Trump is obsessed with it all, trying to figure out how to fire the next FBI man up who dares to investigate him.  God knows what they will find and God knows if Michael Cohen flips what trouble Trump will be in next.

If you have lost the thread in this complex quilt who can blame you.  It is very hard to keep these complex potential illegalities, lies and the twisted business dealings with which
Trump has been and is involved.

The only thing that makes sense to me is the potential tape with prostitutes doing unmentionable things that the president may (or may not) have done or witnessed.  Are we really talking about such sordid seamy things with respect to the President of the United States?  Unbelievable.

I do think though Trump focuses on that so much because he does not want that thread pulled.  The man doth protest too much, methinks.

A Force of Nature -- Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois--My congrats to her

A BIG hug to Senator Duckworth, an amazing woman. That child will have the best parenting I'm sure. Many many congrats and hugs to her and the baby. Wishing her family the best, health, the best life and the best of everything. Thank you for your service to our nation, Senator Duckworth, and thank you for setting an example to others with disability that the will to live is the strongest force in nature!

See link below for the amazing video of her and her baby on the senate floor -- a first and below that link is a link to her web page if you want to send congrats.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"These Pro-Trump Extremists Had A Plan To Kill Muslims. How Were They Radicalized?'

See the link below to explain the subject of this email.

My Comment:  The radical right is extreme, angry and violent. In my opinion there is more to fear in this country from white supremacist extremism than from Muslims or politics of the left.  White nationalists are mean, malevolent, miscreants who have zero ethics or morality. They will attack and kill their perceived opposition in a heartbeat minute.  The Oklahoma City bombing killing 168 people including children and maiming countless others while taking down an entire building is evidence of right wing violence.  There are many more examples.  People who would commit these heinous acts are those whom Trump has courted for his base and why he refuses to criticize them even when they march with Tiki torches and swastika flags shouting "Jews will not replace us" calling them fine people objecting to them only when he must to save face.

Right wing nationalism and white extremist racist ideologies walk hand in hand and have found, much to their surprise, a home in the national legitimacy of the Republican Party through Trump. It is why if one wants a humane society, a country that lives up to its oft stated and fought for creed by those who believe in its egalitarian promise that you must realize the difference between right and left on the political spectrum. The extremist right and the left are not the same.  They are polar opposites.
I have devoted my entire politically aware life to stand for compassion, humane politics, and empathy for those whom, through no fault of their own, life's luck has passed them by.  I stand for understanding and empathizing with the so called "other." I stand against discrimination based on DNA composition of which we had no choice.  We are who we are because of an accident of birth from which we derive our DNA nature that has determined many traits from eye to skin color to sex and sexual orientation.  It can determine one's fate and it can relegate one to life or to death.  

Make your life count for something.  Support policies that help people and do not hurt them; stand for equality; stand for fairness and for justice; stand for policies that will advocate for them all.
RESIST Trump and his base.  Voting for Democrats throughout the land you will vote right wing extremist Republicans into historical oblivion.  Pass this on to anyone you choose.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Comey's book: Words to live by

I still believe James Comey to be an honorable and honest man.  I know some on my progressive side of the political spectrum place Hillary's loss on him.   I do not.  I am beginning to read his book:  "A Higher Loyalty:  Truth, Lies and Leadership"
He begins with an introduction quote from Reinhold Niebuher:  "Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary." I placed that quote at the top of my Commentary.  I have yet to find one more descriptive of my philosophical thought than that.