Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Facebook Friend says: It all boils down to this: by Robert Reich

Robert Reich is 100% absolutely correct. You should read and send this to all whom you know.  Get this message out to every American everywhere. It is truth, it is exactly correct and it is what George Carlin in his Youtube "American Dream" so presciently said. Google it. 

The con has been set by the greatest con man ever -- Donald Trump.  Shame on us for voting this habitual liar and Constitutional flouter as president.  We should all be embarrassed by a man who lies every time all the time.  The "tax cut" is one of the most horrific pieces of legislation in the history of this nation.  Ultimately it will, of course, kill people with the exception of the top 2% richest.  The distribution of wealth will go even more to the top 2% wealthiest and as much as Trump says it will be bad for him IT WON'T believe me.  Billionaires will make out like the bandits many are.  The middle class will in short order know they have been had properly had.  Read this and learn! 

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Friday, December 15, 2017

"The Dopamine Economy" by Umair Haque --an excellent read

My Comment: This is a fabulous article a friend sent me and right on the money so to speak linked below. The media and its incessant algorithms sweep over us like a tsunami. We must break away from it and I too try only to return. It's a vicious cycle, promoting crudity, coarsening of culture and a removal of the individual from well everything except his i phone, computer and himself. People's heads are buried in them because great minds have figured out the algorithms that turn us on (and out.) Will this truly be the death of America as we knew it or could its strength honed 250 years ago by genius men of their time survive it?  I don't know.  Here are some extrapolations from it.

Quotes to whet your appetite. 

So now we reward people, as if they were lab rats, with little tiny morsels of reward, whether they’re coupons, clickbait headlines, discounts, special offers, prizes, and so on, and somehow, they always come back for more. We don’t really know why — and so we don’t know what fire we’re really playing with, that we’re toying with the basics of human neurobiology itself, that every click’s effect is something like a heroin injection, dopamine triggering adrenalin surging through the system. This dopaminergic, which is to say, unidimensional approach to human potential, is a behaviourist approach to human potential, and it is a linear approach to human potential: the presumption is that through systematic rewards that trigger just one kind of experience, over and over again, fight-flight, adrenaline high, addictively, people can be trained to become…what, precisely? I’ll come back to that.

And yet the result even for us, the masters of this dopaminergic approach to human possibility is a vicious cycle. We have to offer ever more intense and more fleeting rewards than the next person. This is Amazon’s game, Facebook’s game, Tinder’s game, Instagram’s game more or less. Swipe. Don’t let it get away! There’s an endless universe of stuff out there, and you’d better click now, unless you want to wander lost in it forever. “You need your pretty little fix now, don't you?”, the algorithm whispers. You’ve heard it and I’ve heard it, and we’ve both responded desperately, too.

So what should we be doing? Giving people ways to express themselves. Not their “better selves” or their “true selves” or any of the rest of it. Just themselves. Aren’t we doing that? No. Are you kidding? We’ve created a performative game, in which true self expression is mocked, scorned, thwarted, and stifled. I’ll leave that topic for the future. Suffice it to say that algorithmic addiction is one the gravest new problems of now.
Read the article below:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Harassment How Judge Alex Kozinski Made Us all Victims and Accomplices by Dahlia Lithwick and My Comment

Dahlia Lithwick is a brilliant writer about the courts and analyzer of the law for Slate.  She has appeared many times on The Rachel Maddow Show and gives on point well spoken analysis of many legal and court issues.  The article linked below she wrote on the alleged harassment of Judge Alex Kozinski whom she first met when she was a clerk for the chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  She discuses her response​, ​silence to it and indicts herself for remaining silent about it for so long.  Few of us, though, I believe, should judge the path other women have chosen to respond or not to the sexual harassment behavior of powerful men.

I am not a lawyer but worked in milieus of the very powerful who could fire me on a whim thereby cutting off my venue for survival forcing me to go on the hunt for another job not easily acquired. Sometimes when the opportunity presented itself I would argue in support of a workplace issue that favored my employer rather than incur its wrath by arguing for what I thought the morally right opposite position should be.

It happens whether about sexual harassment or something else that we are too fearful of the powerful who can determine almost literally whether we eat or starve even live or die. I was then sometimes, if you will, a self-admitted kisser upper because I simply never wanted, using the cliche, to rock the boat and threaten the wrath of the more powerful. Other times it was because it simply is not in my nature to do so. As a Jewish woman I believe some of it, too, is in my ethnic survivalist DNA. What will we take and how demeaning will it be to ensure we even live. I may be way out in left field with that analysis because we know sexual harassment crosses all ethic lines. For me, though, it is just one more explanation among many why we do what we do.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

More Moore?

There is no one on planet earth who would LOVE the teen predator Roy Moore to lose more than I would. I do, however, believe Roy Moore will win and sadly so.

What is happening to our nation under Trump is sickening and soon when they pass the middle class obliterating tax bill all those middle, working and lower class whites will realize what they did by voting Trump Republican.

Maybe someday the southern states which need government help the most and get it will realize they are stepping on their own toes by voting Republican.  Trump does not care one fig about them. He is in the presidency for the bucks and even one of his children said his father was not about loving them he was about making money.  When one realizes that all the news that is fit to print makes sense.

Alabama, I pray, I know futilely, should vote their economic and healthcare interest by turning from screaming red to a beautiful blue. Make the south great! 


Growing up in Gaza in the Dark -- My Comment: Amen

Yes, I am a Jew who once gave Israel my entire support until most especially now with Trump doing the unthinkable making Jerusalem the capital of Israel knowing it would provoke violence around the world and ostracize this nation from humanity's hug once again. Of course, it has provoked violence most especially in Gaza but even in NYC where the transit bomber said that Trump's words on Jerusalem, in part, compelled him to strap a bomb around his body and attempt to blow the subway rail line up and innocents with it.

Horrific and though the event small I suspect it brought chills down the spines of those of us who lived through 9/11 and even ones who did not. Any bomb exploded in NYC does that to me. I paste the video link below entitled "Growing up in the Gaza Strip in the Dark" because I have reexamined the Palestinian plight which I have done periodically throughout the years but never more so then now. 

Listen to that story linked below and empathize with the conditions that provoke so many Gazans to violence when desperation reigns and the fatal Trumpian Injustice Disease spreads.

I wish, though wishes will not make it so, both sides would take a breath and come to compromise for a two state solution where each major religion shares a part of Jerusalem and two states one Palestinian and one Israeli, share it as its capital. What would the sound of the silence of peace feel like?  Nirvana defined in part by Webster's Dictionary as "place or state of oblivion to care or pain," .... to that I say Amen!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct speak out + my Comment

It says something that it takes SO MUCH EFFORT to try to make sure this depraved pedophile Moore does not get a seat in the Senate and to illuminate the President's own sex crimes. In any other western democracy Moore would be toast and the sex criminal assaulter and liar supreme Drumpf would never have been elected but in this land filled with stupids who say they are SO god fearing but would elect these morally putrid and fetid animals. Sorry that's saying an injustice to animals whom I love so lets say would elect these morally putrid and fetid Velopteraptor dinosaurs!


Explosion Reported Near New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal--And so it begins and/or continues?

Pure speculation on my part still I cannot help but think it could be that a rationale for this latest NYC bombing will be used for Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. We will have to wait and see but these are the kinds of violent acts of retribution for President know nothing doing such an insipid and UNNECESSARY act declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel as he catered to his not too bright base!  The most unfair, unjust, unethical, murderously unconstitutional presidency in US history.  Will we ever get our reasonably just nation back again?

Welcome to an ignorant nation that would elect the depths of depravity Roy Moore to the US Senate and the most unqualified and unfit so called human to be elected president of the United States. 

Get smart, America, as one minute to midnight awaits.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Thoughts on a snowy day

Someone posted on my FB page "There are over 350,000 churches in America so why are there 200,000 homeless people sleeping on the street?"

It gave me pause for thought.  We are a sad divided nation. There is so much injustice here it is hard to contemplate. The worst part of it seems to me to be the fact that so many in this wealthy nation simply do not care. There is a social milieu that says in Ayn Randian cold fashion sink or swim on your own; live or die on your own and that it is not the duty of a nation to help those who cannot help themselves. It changed for awhile during the Depression when Franklin Roosevelt altered the social contract saying that a nation has the responsibility to care for its people.

We still fight over this today as the pendulum now has swung the furthest it can go to the racist rancid right. No one here should be sleeping in the street; no one should be homeless without food without a job without healthcare and without hope. We must decide who we are as a nation and can we come to any agreement as to what use our riches should be put. Our greatest expenditure is not, contrary to what Republicans say, the social safety nets or so called "entitlements" -- which are not really entitlements since we paid for them -- our greatest expenditure is the military and since post WWII all the futile unnecessary wars this nation has fought and how many lives lost that should not have been is staggering.

We have wasted trillions that could have fed the poor, clothed the naked, built housing for the homeless and educated the young. I have chosen my political slant to believe we should care as a nation for those who in this life did not catch a break; who were born into this life unlucky by fate. As Harper Lee of to "Kill a Mockingbird" fame said  “You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." Food for thought on a snowy New England day.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Roy Moore Believes America Was Great During Slavery -- Churchill, Deuteronomy 6, A shining city

As Republicans in Congress cabalistically try to impugn doubt and suspicion on special counsel Mueller to try to remove him and his pristine investigation since he is getting closer to the indictable illegalities Trump's family and cohorts allegedly have committed trying to form an alliance with Russia and other egregious acts.  For political reasons a great progressive Democratic Senator Franken is besieged and run out of the Senate post haste without trial or defense; without facing his accusers he is forced to resign but Republican Roy Moore, a pedophile whose accusers even Republicans do not doubt, will soon be seated in the illustrious body of the US Senate.  A Chief Executive remains in the highest seat of power, has been allowed to get away with the most heinous crimes of assault on women, pass a tax bill that will not even help our people who suffer the California fires losing everything including their homes.  Trump has allegedly committed other crimes against our Constitution, our nation state and against humanity itself.  Where has justice gone, where has fairness gone and where has our rational national mind and will gone?

Roy Moore soon to be Senator Moore thinks slavery was a dandy idea (see link below) and a wonderful way to organize society.  He yearns to return to that era and our national Republican Party will accept him into the highest halls of our national power.  Our nation's Republican Party has gone insane with greed, the acquisition of power and the money they can squeeze out of it.  Republicans, as George Carlin said, want it all.  They want your Social Security, your Medicare and Medicaid. They, he said, want it back, they want it all back so they and their friends on Wall Street can get it.  They do not care if we die in their attempt to even eliminate our access to affordable health care by repealing the ACA mandate.

Bannon, Trump's brain, wants a violent chaotic clash of worldly civilizations and he wants the chaos of a race war to descend upon this nation.  Will he fight those wars?  Will he put his own skin in the game?  Will Trump put his skin in the game?  I suspect his bone spurs will preclude that.

We must fight Republican's attempts to bring down investigative special counsel Mueller creating a Constitutional crisis in this nation. This is what happens when a nation elects con men and stupids over smart, rational and kind.  This is when our big brain crumbles and ruins the last great hope of democracy as Republicans dupe its innocent supporters who do not know not to drink the Kool Aid.  

Even though states have fallen to Republican madness or may fall into the grip of fascistic reactionary politics we who believe in democracy, fairness and justice for all -- paraphrasing and amending for my own purposes Churchillian verbal greatness -- we must not flag or fail. We must go on to the end, we must fight with growing confidence and growing strength whatever the cost may be, we must never surrender.  This should be the promise to our posterity.  Our Constitutional democracy as it has evolved over 240 years is what should be left to our future generations.  Paraphrasing in pertinent part Deuteronomy 6 and Ronald Reagan too ... Repeat the fairness ideals of our Constitutional republic.  Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up so that someday they will inherit the justice of our democracy and return to the creation of that shining city on the hill!