Monday, May 21, 2018

Wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state

Yet another takeover by the corporate state. Employers now will have the upper hand and be able to force their employees to wave Class Actions in favor of individual arbitration. Now if one needs to sue you do so alone decimating the ability of a group to glean a more satisfying settlement and making the individual think now
​ ​
not worth it to sue.

Add Citizens United to the SCOTUS coterie's repertoire that gave corporate pacs the ability to fill campaign coffers to the unlimited brim buying political influence under the guise of free speech making corporations people then presto one has the corporate state. Who did not realize this? Why is there no national uprising? We are duped into thinking power must be correct. Power is not correct. Power is corrupt! Corporations are NOT people and should not have the right to overflow politicians with bags of cash to buy policy. This is legal pay to play.

The above decision disallowing class actions is yet another egregious decision Merrick Garland, Obama's choice for SCOTUS, never would have made except that McConnell Republican Leader in his
​inimitable ​
slimy way held Obama's rightful nomination back from a vote to see if Republicans won in 2016. They won alright by stealing an election. One by one corporations will encompass the whole of government and we the people will not count. What is next
​ a​
n unlimited term for Trump? Stay tuned. Nothing the right wing extremist corporate state with their blowhard
​"president" ​
Trump shocks me anymore.

If we the people, the middle class and the workers do not rise up and replace these unconscionable Cretans then we deserve the country we are getting. It is partially now and soon will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Wedding of the World

I was up, showered at 6:00 a.m. yesterday and plugged into the omnipresent television to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel.  Usually, my attention to human spectacle of the ultra rich with salivating commoners outside who can only wish they were born into it too, is looked on by me with skepticism and chagrin as spectacles like that are not always what they appear to be if one looks beyond on their surface to what is beneath.  Each adulation of humans is fraught with disappointment, as Shakespeare said, "... subject to the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to."
This wedding, however, I thought was, indeed, different.  I was, instead of eschewing tradition, applauding it because the tradition progressed into something partially new. I was applauding it in front of the TV where only two people and one cat sat watching the pomp Americans say they eschew but many secretly love.  The cat was sleeping through it, of course, oblivious to the human culturally Everest event that was playing out before the world.  Humans, after all, are cultural beings.  We cry, we laugh, and do so many other things making our species different from all others.  Sometimes that difference is for good and sometimes, sadly, for evil.  Within the space of two days I was both crying from the happiness of a biracial royal wedding and, crying from the sadness of the Santa Fe High School massacre in Texas, as the cultural milieu in which we exist lives on a seesaw of good and evil.
The wedding was a gorgeous spectacle of a usually entirely white occurrence to a mixture of biracial beauty.  Everything to me was beautiful -- the bride, her gown, a happy Harry, the Episcopal historic church surrounding a magnificent castle of Windsor and the beautiful ceremony.  There was, however, something else even more profoundly beautiful.  There were so many persons of color who occupied roles of prominence none ever has had at a royal wedding.  The bride was a gorgeous mixture of race with her mother sitting with happiness gleaned from a daughter blessed with talent, humane values, beauty and, indeed, was an American.  In spirit I, an American, was invited to this wedding.  I cheered from our living room when Reverend Curry, a person of color, too, gave his MLKesque sermon not of some of the Bible's harsh dictates but to its simplest message of love.  He delivered it in black charismatic style that made me cry.  I loved the black chorus singing "Stand by Me," an American song, I loved Reverend Michael Curry and his profoundly moving sermon of love and I loved the dark skinned cellist who played in beautiful classical style while the bride and groom signed their pledge to each other out of the sight of all.
The royal wedding gave its viewers its usual classical elegance while giving us also the inclusive elegance of the others who make up our global populace.  To say the wedding for me was a treat is to give it understatement.  It spoke to the divisions of man; yes, to our divisions led by a president who was happily not invited because he capitalizes on the simmering hate of our nation threatening to kill it.  Harry and Meaghan's wedding teaches us is does not have to be that way; it teaches us we can include others who, historically, have suffered, as again Shakespeare would say, "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune."
Harry and Meaghan, you showed to billions what could be the beginning of a new age.  The moral and ethical among us yearn for us to love one another, to care for one another, to empathize with one another and to help one another.  We can sow peace where there is war, we can sow love where there is hate and we can sow justice where there is none.  Jesus is alleged to have said of his disciples, "Love one another as you have loved me." I am not Christian but the beauty of some of the New Testament words sing to me a song of peace, love and brotherhood we can all achieve if we simply imagine and try.  I wish Harry and Meghan a life of good health and a life of love.  Now, go and teach our global multitudes to sin no more.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Man Asked Over 100 People Of All Ages What They’ve Learned In Life So Far

I love life and the plethora of things to learn from science to literature. Life can be a magnificent learning experience if one wants it to be. Yes, looking out each day at the turning of the seasons; growing, changing and yes even dying as everything on earth that is alive from insects to man experiences the journey of it and its end.

Having said that I do think life can be hard. It is hard for those who were not blessed with riches or for those who were not blessed with a functioning body or a loving family. It is not hard for everyone but everyone at some time will experience his/her decay. That is hard. It is hard to go from the independence and strength of youth to the dependence and weakness of old age. I hesitate to say that I would repeat the performance and yet I feel blessed that I was given the chance to see the magnificence of it all which is after all bestowed by chance or fate.

Life has been a hard ride for me. There was the pain of others close to me I witnessed and my own pain I had to endure and still do. Yet, as I sat in 5th grade class I think I realized then how lucky I was to live in a nation where I could read what I wanted, say what I wanted and ask any question under the sun of my teachers that I wanted. So yes, I have been blessed but to lose one's agility and to lose those I love or to be torn from them myself may preclude my wanting to repeat the experience again.

It is rather silly to think on this question because who of us will have that do over chance? We are born and then we die. What we do with our lives in between is our own choice. It is why I have dedicated this segment of my life to be a voice for the poor, the powerless, the rejected and the infirm so, paraphrasing Robert Kennedy, they will know someone sees their pain and wants to lessen it; someone sees wrongs and wants to right them; someone sees hate and wants to show love because after all I believe this is the one life we get so why not make this life count for something more than just one's self.

Who is the real animal? The essence of Christianity

Trump called immigrants to the United States animals.  I ask who is the true animal? Larry O'Donnell had a wonderful segment on this about the religious right and those who support Trump but who completely ignore or more likely did not know the essence of the New Testament and Christ's words: "You were hungry and you gave me food"; "You were tired and you gave me rest"; "Inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me." He used the Beatitudes of Christ to call out these non-Christian so called "Christians." I love those Christian sentiments. Who is Trump kidding? He cares about God and knows zero about Christianity as much as a true animal does. He says he goes to church and we know he plays golf instead. He is his usual lying self. I know Christianity and he is no Christian! Larry O'Donnell's segment on this was so moving and correct!  I urge you to Google and read it.   I almost cried when Larry delivered it.  I wrote a small email to him last night.  I said:
Larry, your last words and sentiment about Christianity were some of the best I have heard and speak to how I often have viewed the messages of Christ.  One of the first passages I memorized was Christ's words that say: "In as much as ye have done it unto these the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

In my college days during the late sixties I, a Jew, took Christ's words to heart and thought of them as my own because I considered myself a humanitarian as I believed Christ was.  Thank you for clarifying the ugliness and hypocrisy of Donald Trump.  Even he, however, would have been forgiven his ignorance by Christ and his serial adultery to which Christ would have said to go and sin no more.  I though, do not have the ability to forgive the most ignorant, inhumane and dangerous leader in our nation's history.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Huge By Multiples of Many -- Whistleblower Leaked Michael Cohen’s Financials Over Potential Cover-Up: Report

A Whistle-blower reported -- much to his peril -- that two SARS (Suspicious Activity Reports) filed by banks to the Department of the Treasury are missing from the Treasury database.  Someone possibly vaporized them as they are missing from the bank's reporting of them.    Yesterday, on Rachel and Larry, there were many interviews of experts who know how utterly serious this is.  Possibly Michael Avenati received this information because, just speculating, the Trump Treasury Department was feared by the whistle-blower.  The alleged crimes are  endless as big as the ocean and as deep as the swamp Trump told us he would eradicate.  When one IS the swamp one will never get rid of the swamp but simply enhance it by multiples of many!
The story is here.  Read it and be amazed:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Korea cancels high-level talks with South Korea -- MY COMMENT

Kim Jong Un's regime alleges drills between the South Korean and U.S. air forces are a rehearsal for an invasion of the North. (link below)

Trump's illegalities and so obviously unconstitutional actions turning his back on the Constitutional Emoluments Clause prohibiting a president while in office from profiting by tying his businesses  to national policy should get him impeached and convicted.  Why does it seem like climbing Everest to unify the Congress against Trump and with emergency get him out of the White House where on every front he is blowing things up even courting nuclear war. 

Iran -- Trump blows up the west's best efforts to avoid nuclear war with Iran by pulling out of the Iran deal Obama (of course) with the P5+1 group of world powers - the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany signed that gave the west a chance to curtail, with inspections, Iran's development of a nuclear bomb for at least 10 years; Israel/Gaza -- is a horrific mess because-unthinking about-consequences Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem declaring all of it (holy to three faiths) the capital of Israel.  The Palestinian and Arab anger that provoked is threatening to spin out of control as the dead and the wounded Gazans mount up.  I see attempts made by Gazans to cut through the barbed wire separating the two adversarial sides in an attempt to breach the Israeli wall that keeps Gazans from the ability to work and conduct their lives while separating these rabid enemies from each other--the peace process is dead; N. Korea -- cancels the allegedly historic meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un because, according to Kim, the US and S. Korea are conducting military exercises Jong-Un sees as an effort by the US ultimately to invade the north.  One should note Kim Jong-Un has done this to previous administrations.  No other administration, however, has been so bellicose in rhetoric as Trump and contains a war monger Secretary of State John Bolton.  Bolton never saw a war he did not like but, of course, never has fought in one and uses Libya as a good example in which the US was involved that killed Gaddafi and now is a non functioning violent state.  Kim rethinks the meeting.

This know nothing president knows nothing.  He reads nothing shorter than a paragraph.  In fact, it has been said, he cannot read well nor does he have the ability to write cogent sentences as his atrocious grammar and mis-spellings of his insipid Tweets show.  He writes, at best, at a third grade level and has an attention span like that of a 3 year old.  This incompetent has the ability to order a nuclear strike.  He wants the Nobel Prize for Peace because Obama received it as if it were a shiny new truck that he wanted because Obama got it.  Trump is a 72 year old child who can lead the globe into nuclear world war.  Is there a Nobel Prize for war?  If so it will be his!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Embassy Celebration met with Gaza Massacre; Gaza protests replaced by funerals as Palestinians mark 'nakba' (the catastrophe) [My Comment]

Embassy Celebration met with Gaza Massacre; Gaza protests replaced by funerals as Palestinians mark 'nakba' (the catastrophe)


I said weeks ago when Trump first came out with his no thought declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli Jewish state that this would mean never ending war. Sumner Adelson financed imbecilic policy with a billion bucks that will ultimately take more Israeli lives before it is over if it ever will be over. 

This US embassy policy declaring all of Jerusalem the Jewish capital brushing the other two major religions aside without an inch of thought to the ramifications of it.  It will be using its own Jews (my own Jews) as a sacrifice to the alter of feel good news so Trump can puff his chest out and claim a victory to his base.  Trump knows nothing of Jewish history, nothing of Palestinian history and even less about the history of Islam and its divisions.   Netanyahu and his dupes are this era's Pharisees; the hypocrites that Jesus himself in the New Testament hated.  This will not end, if it ever ends, in our lifetime and we will be lucky if this does not spread to the rest of the Middle East like the cancerous policy it is. 
I have just put out of reach any hope I may have had to see Israel before the end of my life. Trump and Netanyahu have ruined the history the Jewish people who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. They cheer in the Trump dictate of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state while the people of Gaza and other Middle East nations cry out for Israel's demise.  They may have just arrived at the beginning stages of their wish.

Why foment the simmering flame of Palestinian anger into the explosions of an an all out war? Many Palestinians are dead and many more will follow.  Jewish deaths will follow too.  All are human. Until you walk in the other's shoes you cannot know how they feel. 70% unemployment in Palestinian Gaza; their boundaries to the west are Israeli barricades and to their east is the sea.  There is nowhere for them to go.  The wounded are everywhere and there are few places to medically treat them all.  Those who are protesting by the hundreds think they have nothing to lose and, perhaps, they do not.  Jerusalem is a killing fields initiated by Trump and stupidly the raving rightwing nuts of Israel sit there smugly in their pristine American embassy and cheer while the split news screen shows the depth of Palestinian resistance and anger.

I was intensely pro Israel all of my life.  Now I will no longer give to the Jewish state unless and until Netanyahu and Trump are electorally crushed and the Jews who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust remember what it was like to be oppressed, hunted like animals and killed. Jews everywhere need to remember. Nuremberg was not for nothing. THINK!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

4 Men Charged With Hate Crimes In Beating Of Gay Couple--My Comment

This (link below) is not surprising given the tenor of the Trumpian time in which we live. When a war hero Senator who sacrificed all for his country is spoken of by an employee in the Trump White House with such indifference impugning and verbally insulting him as he lay dying in his bed simply because Senator McCain had the gall at times to policy oppose Trump it is an outrage. The man at the top from whom this sentiment is sanctioned says nothing and the woman who said it still has her job.

Is it any wonder that these hate crimes against so many minority groups whom Trump has assaulted with pugilistic verbal venom that gays, the targets of sanctimonious teenage violence by allegedly straight men, will occur. A permission slip has been granted by the so called "president" and man at the top of our leadership, so much so he will not come out against hostile statements or acts whether it is in his office about a war hero who has opposed the "dear leader" occasionally or a vicious assault of gay men after a Gay Pride event. Our so called "president" will never decry this vicious behavior and by silent proxy concurs with and owns it.

To those teens: me thinks thou doest protest too much! Often, if one is given the opportunity to psychologically delve into the character of men who commit these violent bullying attacks one might find a fear with which they themselves struggle that they are gay too and try to prove through extreme brutal violence against gays their manliness showing the world they are "real men."

A vile act has been committed on two innocent men fracturing the cheek of one. It is happening to many in this Trumpian hate filled age. There are hundreds more like it whether against gays, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, persons of color, Asians and others.

These bullying tactics go without presidential condemnation because Trump's base loves it and wants more of it so Trump will not condemn it but rather by his reactive silence sanctions it. 

Trump is an inferior man and an inferior president. I think he knows it and he is a bully because of it. Maybe Trump, too, is questioning his manhood and intellectual virility by bullying his opposition when they cannot strike back.  We the people should strike back and we the people must strike back. RESIST!