Monday, September 26, 2016

A Day at the Office

The opinion by Doug Bandow at the link below is excellent in its brevity but wise in its scope. It makes a compelling case in precise fashion against eternal war waged by the US. I urge you to read it in view of our upcoming election and US policies of continual war and the Wharton Business School fantastic Trump's risk of beginning a nuclear one. My comments are below the link:


It is truly amazing the nations we have hit and/or invaded in a century or more of invasive war. Post WWII we have waged permanent war all around the globe most of which were unsuccessful and all to advance US interests and, oh yes, fed to us through the faux line of democratizing and freeing the nations we invade.

Yes, every nation state has interests but our invasions are exceptional -- what else for an exceptional nation, perpetual and never ending. Often it does not win friends nor influence people. Our geographical blessing has kept us free from invasion but has not saved us from nation state condemnation and rage of those we attack. People get angry when you drop bombs on their heads and kill those attending a wedding, family reception, friends that they love and not to be forgotten the innocent children who do not know the why of any of it or what collateral damage means.

60 Minutes last evening showed a segment on the growing threat of nuclear war especially between Putin's Russia and us. It gave us a snapshot of our nuclear arsenal and the planes that will drop the nuclear bombs. It was chilling enough to freeze the toes off a polar bear. Those interviewed talked about it like they were making a ham sandwich or taking you through a tour of a Fritos factory. It was, indeed, one of the most frightening 60 minute segments I have watched.

Oh yes, Russia is prepared to drop a nuke and we are surely prepared to drop one on them or two or three. Whatever we have, of course, Russia has more encouraging our military industrial complex to salivate and prompt a desire to add more to our arsenal making those who own those companies very very very rich;1% rich. Ho hum, just another day at the office.

The cavalier attitude of both nations to fight a nuclear war albeit a small one was bone chilling frightening. So let's keep up never ending war and see who will be first to drop the bomb and begin a cavalcade of mutual and global destruction. If climate change does not kill you then nukes surely will!

Sure, elect Donald Drumpf who knows nothing about anything and see how fast he can jet propel the globe into annihilative nuclear war. Since he asks so many questions about the nukes he knows nothing about one can almost be assured if, god forbid, he is elected to the presidency he will love to try a few out! You know, like a new car. Simply take it out for a spin and while he is at it take the planet and us out with it What a guy!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

For Whom to vote or not to vote that is the question

It is beyond far beyond my comprehension how anyone who calls themselves human with a human big brain cannot see the CON in this Republican con man, Donald Trump. His corruption is so obvious if one is following the campaign it could hit one in one's face.

Hillary's emails pale by comparison to Trump's incessant lying, Foundation illegalities taking allegedly charitable money and pumping it in to personal purchases, Trump Corporation's foreign megga conflicts of interest vis a vie China, Russia and other hostile nation states. Add to it the fact that attorneys general will go after Trump for perjury with respect to the Jeb Bush attempted bribe to make Florida casino land. Bush did NOT bite and Trump got mad, had his henchman working on it but fell flat. Jeb Bush told the 100% truth on the Republican debate stage. Trump either flat out lied to Republicans in the primary debate or perjured himself in a deposition about it. Oh yes, one more thing that $20,000 alleged buck bribe to Florida Attorney General Bondi for her NOT to pursue the multiparty lawsuit against the allegedly fraudulent Trump University.

Think on the many blue collar workers who said they did not get paid for work on Trump's buildings and the plagiarism and alleged fraud of Trump Institute. It is mind exploding how anyone on planet earth USA would vote for such a liar, con man and fool. Think on the many authors and noteworthy persons who know him and have worked with him like the ghost writer of Trump's book "The Art of the Deal," Tony Schwartz, in his lengthy interview with the New Yorker said: "I helped to paint Trump as a vastly more appealing human being than he actually is. And I have no pride about that. ... I did it for the money. It's certainly weighed on me over the years. "Now, since he's ... in a position to potentially become president, it makes my decision back then look very different than it did at the time." "One of the chief things I'm concerned about is the limits of his attention span, which are as severe as any person I think I've ever met," Schwartz says. "No matter what question I asked, he would become impatient with it pretty quickly, and literally, from the very first time I sat down to start interviewing him, after about 10 or 15 minutes, he said, 'You know, I don't really wanna talk about this stuff, I'm not interested in it, I mean it's over, it's the past, I'm done with it, what else have you got?' "

Then there is what David Cay Johnson writes in his book "The Making of Trump." Johnson is an expert in tax law and has studied Trump for 30 years. He has little good to say and a lot of bad.

Finally, Trump's ever present taxes which would tell so much but he refuses to reveal them. An audit makes no difference he still could release them or at least release other tax returns from years where his taxes were final. If they proved him right he would reveal them but they do not and releasing them would nail him as the liar he is. He paid little to no taxes and made few charitable contributions of worth. I rest my case. For whom to vote? That's easy. Without question it should be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Road Ahead -- by the 100 year old Kirk Douglas

It is short and beautiful essay and the essence of who I hope we are!

Friday, September 23, 2016

What a President can do -- Thoughts on my good news--my shadow

I am rethinking my ebullience of last night after listening to Rachel Maddow’s very hopeful unique summary of election events.  I begin to reflect and the pessimism that has a front seat on my shoulder takes over the view.  I begin to think I will look less than analytically stellar if Republicans mount an effort on election day and God forbid win.  The correctness of my analytics means nothing but all of our futures do, indeed, mean something.

Before Rachel’s show last night I listened to WGBH which had a segment that discussed what would happen in a Trump presidency.  The damage that low life could do to our social fabric is heart stopping.  My heart sank.  Trump, if elected, could do IMMENSE harm to all the positive things those who, over centuries, were dedicated. Many gave their lives so justice could prevail.  All of the positive social change can be overturned in a near nanosecond by a narcissistic always mendacious blob of humanity Trump who could occupy the most powerful position in the world – the American presidency. 

What could a president Trump do especially if he carries a Republican Congress with him and even if he doesn’t?  Answer: TONS.  Some things include the obliteration of the nuclear deal with Iran which would allow Iran to immediately begin building nukes stopped under the agreement.  Iran directly has stated just that.  A president Trump could change the face of SCOTUS backwards into prior centuries stopping a woman from controlling her own body or gaining equal pay for equal work, nullify the world's climate change agreement, eradicating the Affordable Care Act placing 20 million without health insurance, lowering an already painfully low minimum wage, an immigration round up of 11 million human beings many of whom built law abiding lives over decades having children born here who are Constitutionally citizens, building a wall costing billions to keep humanity out, and not allowing Muslims to immigrate or Syrian and other Muslim refugees in at all.  The policy on Muslims is particularly odious since this nation began an Iraq War that resulted in the breakup of an entire Middle East.  The mayhem the Bush presidency created by that war Trump SAID he was for and the horrific Syrian Civil War we see today are ramifications of it.  We will close the doors to those people in desperate life and death situations which in large part were created by our own malevolent war based on lies.
Moreover, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (a truly bipartisan group) came out with their report saying Trump's revised economic plan would add $5.3 TRILLION to our debt (his original program would have added more than $11 trillion), while HRC will add only an additional 200 billion dollars to the budget and get more bang for the buck because most of Hillary’s increased spending will be paid for by higher taxes on the rich.

Trump has already profited more than $8 million by charging expenses to his campaign.  He collects rent from having his national HQ in the Trump Tower, charging for his plane and putting up his entourage at Trump hotels.  Yes, he is the essence of unethical conduct and also the king of self-dealers.  Self-dealing using other people’s money gleaned from one’s own supposedly charitable foundation to pay one’s own bills is illegal and Trump has done that.

If one looks at it semi rationally (well I try) the Republican Party is in a shambles.  It is split right down the middle and then some.  Many so called "establishment” Republicans with all the power they enjoy will not vote for the crackpot Trump and some will even vote Democratic.  The Never Trumps meant exactly that – Never Trump. 

Hispanics by Trump’s vow to round them up and persons of color who are witnessing an attempt to shoot them down guilty or not are realizing hope resides only within the Democratic Party.  Third parties, in our time, are NOT the vehicle to solidify social changes that have been earned over centuries through blood, sweat and plenty of tears.  I am hoping what happened in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma will bring out the black vote even though Obama is not on the ballot as their future is at stake.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will expand human rights not curtail them and will ensure Obama’s legacy and not obliterate it. 

Yes, the president can do immense damage to humanity hence my happy volcanic eruption when I heard a positive assessment for Hillary.  I hope the happiness lasts and that shadow which sits on my shoulder does not perfect a hostile takeover.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Some good news!


"The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen"

It's long but it's worth the read and surely reinforces why
 I'M WITH HER!…/-The-most-thorough-profound-and-m…

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Holocaust II -- How many Trump wants to kick out -- 11 Million human beings--See my thoughts below the pic

My thoughts:

Forget all the stats and the rationale for this Nazi-like policy Trumpet thinks will go so swimmingly. Just how is one going to get 11 million rounded up and out of the country without those people you are doing that to AND I might add millions of others who support their cause (like I do) and think this is the most inhumane Nazi-like policy since the round up of Jews of Europe to the camps, resisting it. The estimate of Jews who died in Europe during that fateful time is now 11 million and NOT 6. 6 is an understatement. It is a HUGE amount of humanity.

For Germans of that era to round up all the Jews of Europe it took a MASSIVE attempt with a complicity of, as the historian Daniel Goldhagen put it, "Hitler's willing executioners." In other words not only must you get all that humanity rounded up you must have the let's call them the nativists of this nation to assist in the roundup.

Thank God I believe in this nation people ARE, as Anne Frank put it, basically good. It will be if attempted a blood bath not only of so called undocumented workers who will not go quietly into the night but those with a smidgen of morality who say NO to it as well.

I suspect Christian churches even many Fundamentalist Christians en masse will say NO as will most especially Jews and other minorities like Muslims,  Hispanics, native Americans and many others in this nation who know what a round up of human beings means, have a hint of humanity and will rise up. There WILL be violence of that one can be assured that is IF Trumpet wins which I believe he will not because in the final analysis the rationality and humanity of the American people will, I surely hope, prevail. A people who fought a World War with hundreds of thousands of Americans dead will NOT enact Nazi-like policy and have that war mean nothing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Think Again

If one thinks it does not matter who is elected president I would advise them to think again.

Historically review events and learn what one man can do to the nation and to the world. He/she (I will use the generic he) can plunge us both into war or he can plunge the nation and the world into a negotiated peace. The latter, of course, is much more difficult. It is easy to drop bombs to resolve disputes as this nation has dropped many of them but it is much harder to pick up the pieces after the bombs have dropped. As Colin Powell famously said of Iraq "If you break it you own it." The president can, through his advisors, negotiate to avoid the possibility of war or even, perish the thought, nuclear war and through his advisors can avoid all the destruction, mayhem and death war inevitably brings but it is the Commander-in-Chief--the President--who will make the final decision since Congress has not done its Constitutional duty in a very long time. War can last, as Iraq II surely shows, and it can last a very long time costing thousands of lives and trillions in treasure.

The profound effect the American presidency has on all of mankind is, in our common era and before, staggering. The selection of a president is serious, perhaps, even the most serious thing one can do in one's lifetime because it is life bestowing and/or it is a life taking choice. It can mean the life and death of you, your children, your grandchildren and beyond. It is why you must make altogether sure that the president selected can calmly and coolly occupy an office not only able to take that 3:00 a.m. phone call but to take all calls in an office that does not lend itself to calmness and serenity. The office of the American presidency has by its very nature life and death global consequences.

Historical examples: Think on World War II. Think on the volcanic destruction of it, the refugees, the death camps, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs dropped and ask what if FDR had not made the choices he did and Germany won that war? I, a Jew, would not be writing this today. All of Europe and perhaps even you would be marching to totalitarian jackboots. What if a North Korea threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on us today? What would it take for the president to act calmly if such an event threatened? Jack Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis knew how close this nation came to nuclear war. It took a man who was willing to act against the advice of his generals to avoid the potential catastrophe. We live today because of the coolness of Jack Kennedy. I can assure you Donald J. Trump is NO Jack Kennedy but the coolness, steadiness and vast foreign policy experience of Hillary Clinton says that she is. War and nuclear war is not a Trump Tower or golf course business deal nor will it conform to the contents of Trump's ghost written book "The Art of the Deal." War and the avoidance of war is serious business for those who are experienced at that business.

Iraq II has been assessed by some foreign policy experts to be the worst foreign policy blunder in US history made by a president "elected" under questionable circumstances who had neither the knowledge nor the savvy and skill to wage such a war after the destruction of the World Trade Center. He waged war, dropped thousands of tonnage of bombs on a nation that did nothing to us, created civil war in that country, created Al Qaeda in Iraq never there before which created its offshoot ISIS. War continues to this day as our 13 year slog is not over yet. Iraq II fractured a Middle East creating never ending civil war and changed the course of global history. It created the Middle East refugees we encounter today and this nation still cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again if it ever will. The consequences of Iraq have been enormous. We have one candidate, Trump, who is trigger finger happy and wants to shoot from the hip to easily (he thinks) obliterate the problem. That will never happen because our nation is not alone in this fight and has angered many in that Middle East arena causing a cacophony of complexity. This nation will NEVER obliterate the problem certainly not by, god forbid, the naivete of a Trump presidency.

When you vote for president and before you pull the lever for a thin skinned con and bombastic bully that is named Trump choose wisely by choosing the most experienced, the most competent, the most calm and collected person for that office. I believe there can be no doubt your choice should be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If you think it matters not who one votes into the office of the American presidency think again. The life you save may truly be your own.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Profiling Donald Trump -- Who are we?

The malevolent Trump advocates profiling. Would YOU like to be profiled? Would you want your children to be profiled? Would I want to be profiled because I may, for example, look Middle Eastern or wear a hijab, the head covering for some Muslim women.

If one could time travel back to the era of WWII, I aver Trump would himself be one to be profiled as he looks so German and his right wing views are so extreme. He, like the American aviation hero Charles Lindbergh of that time, may have cheered what was happening in Germany and like Trump does now wanted to keep America First. I think he could have been followed during that dangerous time. How would he have liked it? The state can profile anyone even one who has done nothing wrong.

Diversity is our strength. The danger, and our Founders knew it, is the power of the state to do nearly anything it wants no matter how intimidating or brutal and to do so on a whim albeit profiling someone if the state thinks that someone looks dangerous. The state has that power. Our Founders' goal in constructing our republic, I think, was to restrain the power of the state and to empower the individual with certain rights that put a check on the state as to what it can or cannot do to deem and detain someone who may be thought to dangerous or be guilty of a crime he may not have committed. The worry is for the state to be able to apprehend and do whatever it wants because it has the power to use force against those who may and most especially MAY NOT be guilty of anything simply because the state can.

The danger here is rounding up those who are guilty of no crime merely because they look like they could be or are of a race, religion and culture that is not accepted by the majority. Charging, punishing and jailing those who have committed no crime is the greatest fear. THAT is our challenge and that is what some groups face merely because they were born into a certain group that is different from the majority or which the majority does not approve. We must NOT empower the state to do this no matter how imperiled the time in which we live. We must obey those Constitutional civil liberties our Founders emblazoned into our national holy grail. These rights are accorded to each individual even when it is the most difficult to observe those rights.

One cannot help those ascribed statuses into which one was born and may give him great disadvantage because the majority can impugn to him or her apriori guilt with no evidence and therefore no proof. The first 10 Amendments to our Constitution or the Bill of Rights are our greatest strength. Let us not lose that as Franklin Roosevelt so brilliantly said in his First Inaugural Address because "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes ... ." Even Donald Trump deserves those rights. Profiling anyone even Donald Trump and even if another democratic nation does it should be verboten even in our dangerous time lest we lose the essence of who we are.