Monday, October 16, 2017

Suicide is NOT an option -- the right to live

I am going to be 69 in a few days. I can say that admitting who I am was the singular most difficult process in my life. I "figured" things out decades ago and the trajectory of my life changed in an instant. It is one (among many) reasons I so despise Trump and all right wing extremist zealots who lack thought, kindness, empathy and understanding; who refuse to offer, at minimum, help to those who so desperately need it​. It should be the mandate of government to provide it​.

For those in our generation who were homosexual suicide was then an option. But it got better -- much better. Now for this instant in time we secured many rights including everyone's basic right to marry whom they love but those rights can be, in a nanosecond, taken away.​ Freedom from religion not of religion should be etched in stone as our Founders knew and it is why the separation of church/state clause is Constitutionally
. Believe what you want but let others believe what they may; looking to social change and not to a 5000 year old document written
​ ​in cement by those who knew nothing about a lot science has debunked and much less of human sexuality nor its variation.​

I never on planet earth thought it could get so much better​ for me​. My relationship of 32 years​,​ I can unequivocally and proudly say, sets an example and should be the envy of so many whose relationships and marriages are/were so destructive. It was not I who had the problem it was our culture and what it said we should be during those excruciating Leave it to Beaver times.

Trump and his minions are poison to those of us who are different and do not conform -- no strike that -- CANNOT conform to what those Cretans say we must. They want to turn back the clock to an age where we had zero rights and suicide was the only option for so many of us who could not live a lie. Trump's minions are ignorant and like Trump have no desire to understand and to learn.

Howard Zinn said to me long ago it matters not what those in power who oppose us say. We must fight with the grass roots and never give in because power emanates from the bottom up! If right wing extremism
​ wins ​
we all lose in more ways than simply the right to marry. Those of us who are not among the richest 2% will and some are now ​​losing health care. ​Worse, the possibility of nuclear war post 1960 is again in the conversation. No one can win that. ​In the end if Trump and his minions 
​have their way​
many will die. ​ T​he right we all deserve​ is the right to live.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Former Wharton Professor: "Donald Trump Was the Dumbest Goddam Student I Ever Had." :)

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Treason thy name is Trump

Trump is fatally wounding the Affordable Healthcare Act by eliminating the CSR (cost sharing reduction) payment to carriers. It is sickening -- pardon the pun -- (see link posted below for the story.) It will affect particularly the poor millions whose healthcare payments will skyrocket as insurance companies raise rates to satisfy their bottom line. The poor because of Trump's evil deed will again be without healthcare potentially killing the millions who need it.

Trump is the cruelest of men, a mean and mendacious juvenile who simply wants the man he secretly would love to be as smart as knocked down by eliminating every piece of legislation perfected by his predecessor president. Trump does it for spite no mater how inhumane and/or dangerous what he is doing is. It matters not to him how many he will hurt and even kill by his actions. If I were an Evangelical Christian I would call Trump the anti-Christ for his eradication of everything humane created and/or passed for the least of these our brethren. What President Obama has in his fingernail Trump knows Trump does not posses in his entire body. He is, in the end, a mean, stupid, incurious man who knows something about building Trump Towers but knows little else. Worse he does not want to learn the many things he does not know.

Yes, President Obama used the Executive Order. The difference between Obama and Trump's Executive Order is that Obama used it to try to help the middle class and the poor with access to healthcare they never had by creating the Affordable Healthcare Act. Trump uses it to hurt millions especially the poor by taking it away and exacting revenge against the former president whose intellect Trump knows Trump cannot match.

Trump is a danger to civilization with his combustive small hands on the nuclear codes. He must be removed from office post haste. God knows there is enough to impeach and convict him for the alleged high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed. If we are lucky we can "lock him up" for Russia-connected treason! He cares about one thing -- himself. He is, in the final analysis, a traitor to this nation.

Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump and Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look-- Seth Myers

Kim Davis Cell Block Tango--Randy Rainbow--BRILLIANT

To the tune "He Had it Coming" from the great musical "Chicago"! 

Randy Rainbow is brilliant click the link below

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

So you will know and never forget

This multiplied by many is what we have placed in a mentally disturbed man's hands; a man who cares nothing for anyone but himself. I have posted before both the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but like the Holocaust we MUST be reminded of its devastation lest it happen again. This time we are thirty seconds to midnight. This is not a game played by youths in their backyard. This is real life, real culture, real innocent human beings who will yet again be blasted into oblivion if the impulsive and sick evil that is Trump gives an order no one can reject.

This time more nations than simply the US have the bomb. Some are friendly and some adversarial. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! I urge you not only to watch the Youtube below but send it to everyone you know. Let them decide if this presidency of a severely sick utterly immoral mendacious man is worth saving at the risk of the elimination of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions more innocents. 35,000 or more US troops are in S. Korea, Japan and Guam. They will bear the impact too. Once a blast levied at North Korea is made a response will be demanded by China and even Russia its allies. No one will survive a nuclear war. It is unwinnable.

Watch so you will know and never forget!

The Aftermath Of The Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima

White House Briefs Congress on Iran Decertification Plan. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

I post below the White House press core link to the story above.

My Comment:

Iran, is complying with the Obama administration-forged nuclear agreement 
​and​ has been ​internationally ​
to be building
​nuclear ​
​Thus, ​
severe economic sanctions against them were lifted. If this utter non-comp
s met
s imbecile, jerk president
​Trump ​
with zero ethics and zero morality does something to decertify the Iran Agreement forged by Obama
​ administration​
and European experts (which I am NOT sure 
can do but let
s say he can) then Iran will begin again to build nukes, will in fact build them, ally with N. Korea
​which has them ​
while Pakistan, too, has the bomb. These nations plus Russia
​which has a ​
huge stash
​of nukes/hydrogen bombs, ​
are ALL adversarial or semi-adversarial nations
​ to the United States​
. What could possibly go wrong
The rippling effects are mind numbing.​

​Feast your eyes at what the California Wine Country climate change related fires have wrought.  See the thousands of homes and acres burned to the ground eradicated from the face of the earth with people incinerated in them.  The land there is rather like what a Hiroshima size bomb did and what the land looked like after it was dropped. The thousands of nukes and hydrogen bombs the US, Russia and other nations have now carry a thousands of times larger payload and destructive power. Once exploded, aside from the massive damage they would inflict, they would carry radiation poisoning into future decades. Those humans bombed, if they survive, would have burns and wounds all over their bodies with no hospitals or doctors to treat them. Future cancers will develop and will emerge in genetic generations later assuming there will be any generations later. Those bombed die, too, from disease as infrastructure is erased. Radiation will spread all over the world and parts of the earth will be bombed into the Pleistocene Age.

I urge, again, all to view the Hiroshima explosion.  Google it yourself on Youtube.  I paste one still picture of it underneath the Wine Country burning to see the devastation of the nuclear blast dropped by the US (the only nation to have dropped a nuke) showing you in real time what this means. 

In summation: The nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs some nations possess today could inflict thousands of times more massive damage than the Hiroshima bomb did which was small by modern standards. This is what this unfit for the presidency, crackpot, president Trump will create--a part of the world bombed into the Pleistocene Age!

STOP Trump and his Republican Congress before he and they eradicate us all!  Send this to anyone you choose.


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California Wine Country burning

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Hiroshima August 5, 1945 Sunday, at 6pm Eastern Standard Time

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Paper towels -- Puerto Rico, Houston and Las Vegas

The obstacle I face today is a lack of descriptive words to reflect the insanity that is Trump and his shameful presidency. After the eloquent and capable President Obama comes a simpleton, incurious, unethical, and smarmiest women-abusing man to ever occupy the most powerful and most prestigious office in the world. I do not know what to say anymore that effectively describes my disgust for him and the cringe-worthy acts by him that will compose each day. Each morning I fear to turn on the news. Who can effectively explain every new behavioral idiocy of this incompetent, unfit and malevolent excuse for humanity whose finger rests on a nuclear button that can eradicate our planet and the life on it? I am ashamed and I am embarrassed at what I know will be his next stupid act for all the world to see and to laugh at. I do not laugh. I cry that this demented mendacious man is at the helm of our government with his small hands near a button that could obliterate billions of amazing evolutionary years that produced our magnificent planet earth. Our fate hangs with this incompetent, explosive know nothing leading our nation and I feel powerless to get this flypaper that is stuck to our body politic off!

There has been no action yet that sparks as much incredulity as Trump's visit to the Hurricane Maria devastated once beautiful nation of Puerto Rico in his feeble attempt at consoling inconsolable grief. Our president says, though, they should be happy that it was not Katrina. He says he will forgive Puerto Rico's debt. Don't -- forgive the pun -- bank on it. The lack of empathy that is Trump is staggering. It forces me to wonder what was done in to him in his youth to make him the most pathological president in our nation's history and one who has zero capacity to feel for less fortunate others who were not born with a proverbial gold spoon in their mouth. One's station in life sometimes, in part, is created but sometimes it is simply directed by luck. Donald Trump was lucky he was born into inheritance wealth and through the corrupt machinations of his own doing built an even greater fortune on the backs of others he did not pay or, in the alternative, when his businesses failed he merely filed for bankruptcy to avoid the loss.

His actions upon visiting Puerto Rico were, for me, the telltale icing on his poisonous psychological cake. The gall to actually throw paper towels at the Puerto Rican people as if he were throwing fish to a seal at SeaWorld was jaw dropping. Just what did he want them to do with those paper towels?

All of our modern day weather tragedies, as I have iterated many times, can be laid at a Republican Party's feet and its treacherous feeble Republican presidents' continual denial of climate change and the lack of development of technologies to rectify it. Denying this science creates the monstrous hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, fires and floods we see all the time. The damage and upheaval to lives is massive. Blame can be laid at a Party that denies the science that decades ago, based on evidence, predicted those awful weather events would occur.

The shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada was done by a sick man who could get his hands on weapons of war and attachments to make those weapons into more lethal rapid fire ones because he could. It is as easy as a Google click away or attendance at a private gun show held continuously throughout the year for someone to create another 1929 Al Capone St. Valentine's Day Massacre except this time on a Vietnam War scale.

What can we do with those paper towels Trump threw at the crowd? We can dry the tears of those in Puerto Rico as they bury their dead and try to reconstruct a new life, soak up the water flooded streets in Houston and wipe up the blood of 58 innocents because a sick man could get his hands on explosives and weapons of war without anyone blinking an eye at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Gun regulation in Nevada and many states is lax. Because it is lax many more people will continue to be slaughtered by guns. That horror could happen to any of us.

I think paper towels are not up to these clean-up jobs. Perhaps someone should have told Trump that before he insultingly flung them into the crowd in Puerto Rico! Shame on him and those who support him. I suggest you stock up on paper towels, you may, in fact, need billions of them.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Essence of Gun Control

An email friend of mine sent me her nephew's post:

> The first car was built in the mid-1880's, at approximately the same time that the first fully automatic gun was made. Approximately 15 years later, when cars started to become more prevalent, Chicago and NY required testing before being allowed to drive cars. The first age restriction was placed for driving cars in 1909. It took the US, in total 15 years to start getting serious about determining who is qualified to drive. From there, we now have restrictions on the size of engines, speed limits, vigorous training and licensing testing, and regular license renewals, with testing. While at the same time, it took nearly 55 years to enact the Federal Firearms Act, which began the firearm dealer licensing system. Seems logical, after all, back then cars must have been used on what seems to have been a regular basis to conduct mass killings, whereas guns must have been there so people can shoot out the tires of those trying to run them down.
> I agree with the right to bear arms. Most argue against the slippery slope of regulating or taking away parts of that freedom. Really? That ship has sailed. Why not bear nuclear arms? Oh yeah, they weren't around when the second amendment was written, and that would just be plain old stupid. But what about people having cannons in their front yards, after all, cannons were around then? Oh yeah, we have that thing called common sense. But let's get back to cars. Clearly since regulations were faster there and have better evolved. If I have a couple of drinks and happen to be pulled over, even though I haven't hurt anyone or intended to hurt someone, I can have my license pulled and be put in jail. I have no clue if similar laws exist where gun holders in public have similar consequences. If someone leaves a bar with a gun, and a police officer sees them, is the gun confiscated? Is their right to use a gun is taken away for a while? Does the gun owner goes to jail? I really don't know the answer to that, and don't feel like looking it up right now.
> I'm tired of going into movie theaters and looking at the exits, not so I know where to possibly run in the event of a fire, but in an event of a shooter. When going into a theater with my family, I literally run through options of where to run, and how many of them I can get on the ground and lay on top of to shield them from gun fire. This is not normal. Why do my kids have to go through active shooter drills at school? Somehow we look back at ducking under desks as crazy, but we are back at it, for a much more real and random scenario. The first thing in every college tour these days has the tour guide boasting about not being anywhere on campus without having at least two emergency call boxes visible. At a recent freshman orientation I literally listened to the head of public safety who was previously a chief of police for one of the largest police forces in the world, discuss active shooters and other safety concerns. He even had the head of the local FBI field office in attendance. This is not normal!!!
> So here's the solution. Stop playing partisan politics. Stop feeling like the answer always needs to be in the extreme in order to protect something. Give me a break. If a hunter needs an automatic weapon to kill a bear, they are not a good hunter. Enact stronger gun controls. Background checks, safety testing, regular license renewals, restrictions on number of rounds, restrictions on types of weapons, no silencers. If a gun is allowed out in public, open carry must be required. What's the point of a concealed weapon? If a bad guy sees someone with a gun, they may think twice before shooting. Why have them start shooting and then realize that there is going to be a shootout.
> Enough is enough!!!!! I can't even imagine what my kids will have to deal with when they have kids.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

CHIP Expired Today. Insurance For Nine Million Children...Poof.-- Daily Kos

"While Trump tweeted about football players and Republicans in Congress salivated over tax cuts for the already insanely rich, the Children’s Health Insurance Program expired today.
The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – formerly known as the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) – is a program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides matching funds to states for health insurance to families with children. The program was designed to cover uninsured children in families with incomes that are modest but too high to qualify for Medicaid.
From Vox:
CHIP funding won’t simply run out on October 1 because of the way the program is financed. Federal money is distributed as a lump sum to the states annually, and they then have two years to spend it. So most states will have money left over next month, even if no new federal funding is coming in. But it is nonetheless a perilous position for the program, and some states are staring at big funding cliffs soon.
Arizona, North Carolina and the District of Columbia are expected to run out of funds by December. Minnesota ran out of funds today.
The GOP cannot govern and MAGA sucks."

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