Monday, June 25, 2012

One more thing about the Mafia Wall Street scam -- VENGENCE IS SWEET!

Just so you will know, that article by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone "The Scam Wall Street learned From the Mafia" is about  ongoing trials of THREE men connected with the big banks who committed the illegal fraud of bid rigging and more.  One, I believe, has been found guilty and will be going to jail.  The point is at least some are being brought up on charges and MORE will so things ARE being done albeit slowly and NOT reported well by the lame stream media. The are being prosecuted in NY.   My point: 

This article should not leave you hopeless -- although I can see why many of us are -- some of the perpetrators will go to jail and it is just the beginning and that is the ONLY way these malodorous corrupt jerks will KNOW that they cannot do this again.  Fines do nothing because when you are with a firm making trillions a fine of say 50 or 100 million is a slap on the wrist.  NO they need to know these Wall Street banksters AND the big CEO's who run them will be sitting in a cell where their hundreds of million dollars will not matter.  The convicts they will be with will be in part made up of the of the lower rung of the 99% and will  NOT look kindly on the banksters and that is an understatement.  Do I want a pound of flesh -- YES I want a TON!

They need to suffer as the WORLD has desperately suffered for one of the most egregious economic Wall Street crimes in history of this country maybe even all history of mankind because we are a globalized world and
when America sneezes the world catches not a cold but diphtheria.  People die revolutions occur especially in Europe and ... MANY of those affected will continue to die.  THIS is the stuff of which Nazism and other social revolutions are born. 

For those who think your lives are too filled to pay attention I humbly suggest you DO as your children and your grandchildren and you too will suffer on a scale heretofore unknown.  In my novice opinion as in Paul Krugman the NYT academic economic genius's opinion what happened in 2008 and continues is a Depression and in another humble opinion of mine it is BIGGER by FAR than the Great Depression of 1929.  The market does NOT regulate itself but it requires those in government of the HIGHEST ethical standards to be elected and it requires those on the Supreme Court who are not tied to Wall Street's unethical hip creating a rancid decision like Citizens United or that making corporations people putting BILLIONAIRES in charge who know no ethics.  It's NOT, understatedly, fair.  Vet, ALWAYS vet backgrounds. 

It was done by a combination of Wall Street anarchy, greed, hubris and an unethical bastion of sinful behavior, fueled by HUGE money, an utterly corrupt American political system of big money owning the Congress and the courts worst of all the no ethics five on the Supreme Court and astounding public ignorance -- including my own ignorance then.  Well, I am ignorant of economics no longer.  I may not get all the minutiae and mathematical algorithms but I get the general excremental-beyond- words behavior.

PAY attention to elections!  They matter especially local AND most especially Congressional federal elections.  If you care about your economic condition you would NEVER EVER EVER put the party of these greedy bast$%#s of the 1% in power again. AND you should make your voice known to the president (hopefully a Democratic one) that you WILL watch his behavior scrupulously and who he hires for the most important financial cabinet positions.  The foxes CANNOT guard the chicken coup.   Look for candidates like Elizabeth Warren who truly do like Krugman KNOW what happened, want to fix it with honesty and ethics and NEVER NEVER let this happen again!!

The Mafia of Wall Street

Here is the greatest most amazing complete BRILLIANT article written so interestingly by
Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine.  In jaw-dropping detail he illuminates for you what these banksters on Wall Street did to all of us.  They did it to every state, city and municipality in this country, they did it to Europe, they did it to EVERYONE.  If you want to know why states with mainly Republican governors are introducing "austerity" cutting hundreds of thousands of state workers, firemen, policemen, teachers to name a few, read this article and you will have fun while you read who REALLY should be made to pay and restore jobs to the innocent.  Afterward you can cry as you watch jobs dry up, your 401K dry up, people die with no health care, and all the rest of the myriad bad luck that befell everyone it should NOT have befallen.

Then you can cry some more and wonder why these sons of b&tc#$%s ran away with HUMONGOUS salaries and bonuses to boot with OUR money for themselves and their greedy posterity.  It is sickening but fascinating at the same time.  The moral of story:  TRUST NO ONE and read the fine print.  KNOW what you are getting yourself into because one thing is for sure, the banksters and many if not most of your elected officials do NOT care about you!!!

As Sherlock Holmes would have said "You've been had, Watson, properly had!

Obama mostly victorious on Arizona immigration law--one vote USE IT OR LOSE it!

This decision today on Arizona's draconian immigration law is an 85% WIN for Obama. Law enforcement CANNOT simply arrest anyone because they think he has brown skin and is illegal but rather they can check immigration status only IF another crime has been committed and they cannot hold someone AD INFINITUM while they "check."

Moreover, the Court allowed revisiting S.B. 1070 or the "papers please" Arizona law once this abhorrent-to-humanitarians-everywhere law goes into effect. The entire thing COULD be gutted as it is not the state's prerogative it is the Federal Government's domain. The state is NOT a sovereign entity in and of itself. Remember, we had a civil war to PROTECT the union. States cannot go around wily nily doing there own thing whether it's segregation OR immigration!!! Scalia and his four other merry men are utterly off base. Well, we knew that anyway.

To get back to a union of the people one nation and NOT for the corporation over human beings who have no money the conservative AT LEAST FOUR OLD MEN (FDR called his wrecking crew SCOTUS of the New Deal his nine old men) on this court they must be replaced!! To do that by law we MUST have a Congress willing NOT to be obstructionist when our Democratic president (I hope) replaces other justices. We need an ALL blue Congress and a Democratic president because the Republican Party is the party of oligarchic extremists. We need to get HUGE money OUT of politics, make a corporation NOT a person and protect the civil rights of human beings. Now at this moment in history it is ONLY the Democratic Party that is the vehicle to do this! Replace the House and turn it blue, keep the Senate and of course re-elect the president!!!

BTW, just thinkin, if a corporation is a person does not that mean that an individual gets TWO votes IF he is a member of a corporation--one as an individual and one as a corporation to influence politics by HUGE money which the average person does not have? We should have but one vote -- USE IT!