Monday, November 07, 2016

Tapping My Foot

I'm waiting for Republicons to pull another dirty trick out of their slimy hat with one day to go before the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the presidency. I have no doubt they will think of something.

Every investigation of the Clintons by Republicans has failed every single time except it has not failed to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer bucks by a Party that says it cares about frivolous government spending so much.

My vitriol against them goes against my natural grain. I do not like to fight, I do not like to get into hostile verbal exchanges but I believe if progressives do not, then a rancid universe of anti-science Republican policies benefiting the mega rich while spitting in the face of the poor, the sick, the minority, and the downtrodden's civil rights will ensue. If Republicans gain power their true allies, the very wealthiest 1%, will reap the benefits from their corrupt alliance with them.

I am not, I hope, by nature a mean person but they, I believe, force me to be something that I am not -- a vitriolic loather of right wingnut religious anti-science extremism into which the Republican Party has morphed. We must stop them every time they try to gain power or as sure as is the truth of Darwinian natural selection we will perish.

They have only themselves to blame for this Trumpian fiasco excuse for a campaign that has been created by using their own cannon to blast their Party into bits. Still, I am tapping my foot waiting for yet another waste of taxpayer money by them to advance their cause and make the wealthiest 1% even richer then they already are.

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