Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Again the press failed to ask the appropriate questions at Trump's "press conference" with King Abdullah of Jordan. What was CONSPICUOUSLY absent regarding the Syrian gas attack on innocents was Russia. NOTHING BUT NOTHING was said about Russia. Russia may have if not perpetrated the attacks for Russia's ally Assad, stood by and looked on as Assad mercilessly did so. Russia MUST be addressed when policy toward Syria is made but Trump cannot as he holds conflicting financial hands with the head of the Russian bullion, Putin, to the point of treason.

All of a sudden Trump is an internationalist when all his previous tweets going back years said no involvement with Syria. Now he sounds like he will enter the fray COMPLEX as that fray is without saying one thing about how he will go about perfecting Middle East policy and what kind of military force will he use and for how long.

Dare I wait to hear what this know nothing president has to say about China and North Korea. He says not to worry about actions as he will choose what he will do without telling anyone. Great escape clause.

 Is this all war all the time? Syrian gas attack, he says did not cross a "red line" but crossed MANY lines? So what the hell does that mean? God help us as Russia's useful idiot continues to lie and lie and obstruct ALL the time!

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