Thursday, March 09, 2017

An Addendum + a Diagram I suggest you read

I post below the link to Rachel Maddow's show last evening which starts to draw the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia beginning first with the change in the Republican platform at the convention and witnesses who state unequivocally that the softening of the position with respect to Russia and Ukraine was done at the behest of Trump himself.

In addition to that Rachel interviewed Representative Swalwell who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.  He has drawn incredibly precise diagrams of all the Trump complex connections to Russia making a case for a the mandate of a Special Prosecutor to investigate these matters.  I link his site "Protect Our Democracy" below.
I suggest it would behoove you to listen to Rachel's show and to find also the segment of Representative Swalwell's interview with his informative diagram of the Trump ties to Russia.  It is a mind blowing matter (I paste one diagram below but there is more to say that Swalwell posts) that begs insistently for a Special Prosecutor to illuminate the allegedly utter immoral, unpatriotic, treasonous ties Trump has with Vladimir Putin to enter our nation to shape policy Putin wants. 
This is an attack upon our country by a president who says he puts America first when we know he puts himself first. Trump's loyalty is not to this nation but to his own big con and all the riches he thinks will come his way as he pulls it off while pulling the wool over his supporters' eyes.  HRC said it best:  DEPLORABLE!

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