Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Do You Trust?: I do NOT trust anyone in the mainstream media regarding the Japan leak. I do not trust MSNBC or NBC, CBS or ABC and surely NOT Fox No News News to give straight answers because they are enmeshed in the corporate pushing of nuclear power. I do NOT trust most especially any government either Japan or the United States to tell the truth.

Here is the truth: The catastrophe is being downplayed, saying Plutonium is a small amount of the total radiation. A microscopic speck of Plutonium can kill. Larger amounts can wipe out entire cities and leave permanent contamination. Stuff's been leaking for almost 3 weeks. Millions of Japanese alone will die. Many others across the entire northern hemisphere, including Boston and Chicago possibly will as well.

A single milligram of MOX (uranium/plutonium) fuel is 2 million times more deadly than enriched uranium and lasts forever. Also, virtually the entire Gulf of Mexico is biologically and chemically toxic and unsafe. Now THAT'S the truth!

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