Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Why cannot workers beat these Republican bastards at their own game much like the voters did in voter suppression states that made sure they registered to vote, came out to vote and stood in line seven hours if necessary to vote? And they fought those laws in the courts.

In this case since there is a freedom to join a union AND there is the freedom to PAY YOUR DUES to the union, PAY IT VOLUNTARILY with no contract. Why cannot there be a HUGE effort at signing workers up in unions making sure through the media, through unions themselves through television programming and advertisements to VOLUNTARILY PAY THEIR DUES?

Then organize to throw Republicans the hell out of state legislatures and governorships. When people vote in Republicans the people lose and the 1% richest win. They MUST be made to see that. So on two levels beat those swine at their own game. REGISTER in unions and then pay a fair fee so that the unions can survive to assist workers. If workers pay then unions survive and help themselves in the process.

The next order of business is to get out the Democratic vote like we did in 2012 and in 2014 beat those shameful loathsome jerks at their own game. That is the way to do it. They make a law so obey the law but make sure that you pay your dues!

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