Saturday, August 20, 2016

Even Losing Is Winning -- By NYT Neal Gabler

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My Comment:

Neal Gabler wrote a brilliant article. I can only salivate at his talent for the written expression of captivating verbiage. I agree with all he said.

I might add, though, if Trump is doing as Gabler says in his well-written article and IF we the people do not support Trump's efforts at complete media success even after he loses the election then we the people are the real losers. We have only ourselves to blame as we have the control. I say to all those who can read or listen when the Trump channel is on our cable TV of choice turn the channel to another and do not let Trump win his last race.

The Kardashians are allegedly some of the most famous reality TV stars their lives of glitz and glamour filled with conflict and empty words so I am told. I would not know any of the Kardashians (except, perhaps, Caitlan through mainstream news) if I tripped over them because I refuse to watch inanity. I gain nothing from someone's shallow conspicuous consumptive life that bears absolutely no resemblance to my own.

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