Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Senate clears path for corporate tax giveaways"

Why electing PROGRESSIVE Democrats is the only way.

Here's the link or below to the headline above:  

This is where the SCREAMING MUST take place.  The bottom up must make and FORCE the change in the other direction.
Occupy Wall Street get yourselves in gear and make some eardrum piercing noise.  This is exactly why this "recovery" seems like the recession still but it does not to the billionaires.  I wonder why.  It does to those of us in the 98%. So many are smart, have experience andeven have extended degrees but are still laid off and STILL looking for work after YEARS of being without it.  
Sure give the unconscionable 1% the tax breaks they ship overseas or to hidden offshore accounts while people of worth and even youth end up living off savings, living out of a car or a cheap motel room because the 1% ran off with the bucks that trickled down to no one but themselves.
GROW a HEART, America, before it is too late!  Close the loopholes for mammoth gouging corporate interests, pass unemploymentminimum wage and while you are at it enact another stimulus to create jobs.  
Our infrastructure is crumbling and our oil producing filth is killing the planet.  Not enough to do?  I suspect there is TOO much to do!  So DO IT.

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