Monday, September 01, 2014

The Artful Arti-T and the Miracle of Market Basket

What the Market Basket has done was the GREATEST marketing coup of all time done with no unions just loyalty to a man Arti-T who deserved it.  I was just there shopping today in Ashland and it was packed. I simply wanted to hug everyone -- Arti, the staff and the customers.  More goods will be coming.  I urge you to support this consumer friendly store and be the beginning of a movement!

Get rid of the supermarket you shop at and find a Market Basket.  My bills are 1/2 less than everywhere else.  Arti-T is a genius.  I LOVE that man.  He and all of us have done something amazing.  Business may and SHOULD never be the same.  I have LOTS of thoughts about the sad state of American business and ideas of what the young and business savvy person can do about it. Arti-T's formula WORKS to make millions and still be a caring humane person and do something for people who need it!  Change comes from the bottom up and Arti-T knew how important his staff and patrons were.

Arti-T thank you SO much!  First good news I have heard in a long long long time.

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