Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Journey of No Return

Written "off the cuff."

he purpose of my email is critical analysis.  Why I tune in every morning, afternoon and evening to Channel 7 local news I am not sure I know except that I like your weather forecasters and am too lazy to change my DVD.  There is another reason too in that it is nearly impossible now to find a local progressive news station.  In my view they are ALL either biased to the right or they are filled with candy coated comments and inane blather.  So I persevere with you.

The story about the president's foreign policy entitled "Damage Control" in and of itself connotes bias. The president, as usual, was trying to state the truth something which was alien to the former know nothing rancid foreign policy of Bush who could not ever do that or even know HOW to do it.  More local and even national stupid comments have been uttered about the color of the suit he was wearing than about policy itself.  Who cares what the color of the suit he was wearing was?

With respect to policy:  This man is dealing with a world imploding.  Why?  Because  George W. Bush decided to destabilize the Middle East and blow Iraq up over NOTHING but false "evidence" and lies.  Where were you when that jerk SHOULD have been impeached for taking a nation to war under false pretenses killing hundreds of thousands and creating a millions in exile?

Further, and worst of all, Iraq, where there was NO Al Qaeda since Hussein loathed them, there now is and even worse than that is the anarchy of ISIS!  So George W. Bush, the know nothing president and his immoral cronies are responsible for the Middle East mayhem today!  Our president has been handed a kettle of dead fish and a basket full of worms.  How would YOU deal with such horrific conflicts?  These conflicts are there because George Bush destabilized Iraq and put them there and now our adversaries world wide and even our friends perceive us as war weary and spent.

In nature the scavengers and hawks hover when they see an opportunity and Putin, ISIS, and Al Qaeda see it in us.  They merely had to wear us down.  This is the rancid state that our president was handed.  Add to that a Republican-induced global recession near depression and I would say to you and ALL the media to cut our president some slack.  He does not want to go in with guns blazing, firing wildly as John the never met a war I didn't like McCain would.  Our president is thoughtful and carefully crafts policy.  Oh my a new concept.  Why don't you put that in your newscasts?  And oh yes, wasn't it under Obama that bin Laden was killed and so many other enemies of the US were neutered as well even IF they were American citizens.  And did not THIS president dig us out of a deep recession -- amazing given the virulent disgusting Republican opposition he received throughout his besieged presidency.

The US media keeps the electorate dumb and historically blind.  You should think twice about your critical commentary of our president who won TWO terms handily beating his Republican opponents thank God.  If not for him we would be fighting eternal war and still may have to since George W. Bush the man who NEVER should have been president took the world on a journey from which there may be no return.  Pitiful!

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