Saturday, August 30, 2014

Primordial Uzi

 In the state of Arizona it is legal for a nine year old to shoot a gun.  And so it is no surprise when a nine year old girl getting instruction on an Uzi machine gun killed her instructor by accident when she could not control the strength of this formidable weapon of war.  (See news report and video minus the actual death below.)  She was "learning" to shoot and now must carry the burden of this horrific death at her hands as long as she lives.

The Uzi machine gun was designed and redesigned to streamlined perfection over decades by the IDF (the Israeli Defense Forces.)  It is a lethal rapid fire killing machine and its design has been copied the world over for it use in war.  Yes, I said "IN WAR" and NOT for use by a nine year old girl "for fun" at a shooting range.  A young girl or boy does not have the mental maturity to handle this weapon no matter how smart she or he may be at nine years old nor does any child of that age have the muscular development necessary to be able to handle the hard quick-fire movement of this gun as it is pressed into the service for which it was designed.

This story is not only about the unnecessary death of an instructor
by nine year old girl using an Uzi machine gun who was simply "having fun" learning to fire it and employ her Second Amendment right at a shooting range. I am sure our Founding Fathers meant the Second Amendment for that purpose -- NOT. It really is about that part of the nation's wild west mentality that spawns a violence so deadly that in time it could take this nation down.

People of good will, rational and humane politics must NOT let this happen.  We must mount a campaign against the NRA and its pathological Cretans who think everyone should carry a gun even if they want to carry it into church, a school, a restaurant, a bar or really anywhere even on a children's playground. What could possibly go wrong?

What on this earth is wrong with this nation?  How did violence wrap itself in its umbilical cord and give birth to a violent monster whose body can be seen everywhere -- in books, in magazines, in film, in movies, on television and computer games. Its DNA has seeped into the marrow of this nation's bones and courses through its body like the cancer it is.  We have honed a gargantuan savage. 

Elections matter and if one does not care what those with money and inordinate clout do they will take over the reins of power and the direction of your life.  It is your life, it is your children's lives, it is our nation's life that is at stake if the forces of NRA fascistic-like right wing extremist power win.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust perhaps we may war ourselves into extinction, take the earth as we know it with us and creation will have to begin anew emerging again out of the primordial ooze from whence it came.

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