Monday, February 28, 2011

My Oscar Take: I rather enjoyed the sometimes tedious, sometimes never ending thank yous of people I do not know, jokes which fall flat and unnecessary inane blather which extend the night well beyond timely sanity. Nevertheless, there was some brilliant acting and some utterly excellent films that were worthy of great recognition. We have so many talented people who can jet propel us out of our doldrums into an emotional escape.

I saw most of the important films up for awards. Natalie Portman's performance in the "Black Swan" was eminently worthy although, in my opinion, the substance of the film was difficult. Perhaps, her performance was admittedly superior to Annette Benning's, the favorite and my favorite, for the "Kids Are All Right." In addition, Christian Bale was just beyond superb as Dicky Ekland in "The Fighter." He will, I think, go down with the acting greats. "Social Network" was incredible. It made me feel so intelligently small compared to a Mark Zuckerberg and friends in their development of Facebook which now has over 200,000,000 subscribers and can be said to have literally changed an entire Middle East region and maybe the world.

Most importantly, "The King's Speech" won for all the categories I thought it would. The awards were well deserved for best picture, best actor, screenplay and director. This is truly a great film, serious in content and poignant, as the king and the British nation too must face serious times, overcome huge odds and then triumph!

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