Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Current Keith: For all you who love Keith Olbermann politically as I do or even if you are not thrilled with him he will be joining "Current TV." If you have FIOS as I do he will be on Channel 192. If you have Comcast he is on that but I do not know the channel number, likewise for Direct TV. RCN I am not sure but I think he will be on RCN.

I believe he has not started yet as his contract with MSNBC must run out. It looks now like Current at least tonight does not have much I would be interested in. Other days I am not sure. You can look it up if you Google Current TV.

I for one am THRILLED that FIOS has it as I am absolutely smitten with Keith Olbermann. I just love him and think he is brilliant. I am glad he is on my side of the political fence and I hope he is utterly successful in his new venture! If I were younger -- MUCH younger I would apply for a job at Current TV, wherever the hell it is!;-)

Did I ever tell you I loath winter. I cannot wait for spring!

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