Friday, May 15, 2015

Dream On: Immigration Hardliners Prevail In Fight Over Dreamers And The Military

The story on the above is linked below.

As Mitt Romney himself said, the Republicans CANNOT win an election without the Hispanic vote. This rejection of Hispanics in the military is a good thing for Democrats.  The know nothing Republicons put a sledge hammer to their own heads because rejection of this bill will and SHOULD solidify the huge Hispanic vote and focus laser sharp on getting out the Hispanic vote to REJECT a Republicon Party of White that is racist, right wing nationalist and dead set against Hispanic immigrants gaining citizenship.

Make no mistake if ever God forbid a Republicon president were elected there will be a concerted effort to round up Hispanics and send them back from whence they came.

RepubliCONS, you have sealed your fate. Do NOT believe any Republicon presidential candidate who just to get elected will soften his position during the general election. IN REALITY THEY ARE SUPREMELY ANTI-IMMIGRANT AND they lie ALL the time when they think it will get them elected. Remember, middle, working class and 98% Americans, the RepubliCON Party is NOT ever about you!

HISPANICS, ALL DEMOCRATS, PROGRESSIVES AND OTHERS GET OUT THE HISPANIC AND DEMOCRATIC VOTE.  Register people who can vote for Democrats TO VOTE for Democrats.  Crush Republicons in the Senate, the House and most of all deny them the presidency if you want to have the America we all knew and loved (with a secure infrastructure, jobs, and policies that work for us back again!

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