Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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I know times are hard, they are hard for so many including yours truly.  STILL the election in Wisconsin to recall its Republican Governor Scott Walker is vitally important to us all.  He has ruined Wisconsin by driving up unemployment to Tower of Babel heights. Walker and so many other Republican politicos in our nation have fired thousands of firemen, police, teachers and other public employees so necessary for a functioning nation and he will do more destructive things if he is not defeated.  Many other Republican governors have ruined their states too taking tyrannical control of towns especially towns that vote Democratic.  These Republicans are an assault on our democratic way of life.

Millions of signatures were collected from all strata of Wisconsin voters to call Walker back.  The recall vote will be taken June 5 so there is little time to spare.  If you are politically savvy at all you know this has HUGE ramifications for those of us who call ourselves progressive, Democratic, Independent and many others who know the Republican Party is toxic for our nation.  It will send shock waves across the nation if Walker is defeated.

We ALL have a vested interest in seeing Walker recalled.  I ask IF YOU CAN PLEASE make a contribution through the sites below as I have felt compelled to do.  It does not have to be much at all.  It can be as little or as much as you can afford.

If Walker is recalled by electing the Democratic candidate Barrett it will send a chilling message to Republicans that reverberates for ALL of us.  Republicans are doing things not seen since post Reconstruction.  They are using all means illegal and legal to cut the vote of the poor the disabled, the sick, and the elderly through voter suppression techniques and voter ID laws.  The money Walker has raised from outside groups is STAGGERING.  We can beat them at their ugly game because we have the REAL force -- PEOPLE POWER. 

Please consider no matter how small (or large) making a donation to this worthy cause! Recall Walker NOW, ask me how by scrolling below or merely Google Tom Barrett Wisconsin Recall.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Tate, Recall Walker HQ
To: Natalie Rosen
Sent: Wed, May 9, 2012 12:16 am
Subject: FWD: 28 days to defeat Walker

Natalie --
I wanted to pass along this message from our next governor, Tom Barrett.
After months of historic division, job loss, criminal corruption and partisan power grabs at the hands of Scott Walker, Tom Barrett will offer Wisconsin a new start at healing our great state and beginning the long job of repairing the devastation wrought by 17 months of irresponsible rule.
In solidarity,
Mike Tate, Chair
Democratic Party of Wisconsin
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tom Barrett
Date: Tue, May 8, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Subject: 28 days to defeat Walker
To: Mike Tate
Mike --
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Tonight, I am humbled by and grateful for the support of Wisconsinites across our great state.
Since we began our campaign, I've traveled all across Wisconsin -- never once leaving our state -- to listen to the people.
What I've heard from Wisconsinites is that they want an end to the political turmoil caused by Scott Walker, and they want their needs placed first.
With you standing with me, that's what I plan to do. In the next 28 days, I'll work overtime fighting for the interests of Wisconsinites, but to do so, I need your urgent help right now to kick-start our neighbor-to-neighbor program.
Defeating Scott Walker and his entrenched, out-of-state special interest allies will not be an easy task. Right now our campaign is up 47% to 46% in the polls, but we know that Walker and the Koch brothers are ready to unload everything in their right-wing arsenal in a desperate attempt to bring us down.
Scott Walker's failed agenda has led to unprecedented political turmoil and a sputtering Wisconsin economy that leads the entire nation in job loss.
But while we've been campaigning across Wisconsin, Walker has been flying all over the country raising a record $25 million from right-wing billionaires and lobbyists who want their interests placed ahead of working people in our state.
Big money isn't going to win this fight. You are.
To win on June 5, we will need everyone who participated in this improbable, people-powered movement to band together and work double time talking to their friends, family and neighbors about the choice in this historic election.
With your contribution of $12 right now, you'll help us defeat Scott Walker and his corporate cash with an unparalleled neighbor-to-neighbor program of people talking to people in their front lawns, in their kitchens, and in their living rooms about the future of our state.
It's time to put Wisconsin first so we can focus on jobs, on education, and on restoring our tradition of open, honest government.
In the last 15 months, you've proved that winning this fight for working people is possible, and I can't wait to see what you'll do in the next 28 days to lead us to victory.
Thank you,
Tom Barrett

Contribute Now to Recall Scott Walker

Authorized and Paid for by The Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Michael J. Tate, Chair
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