Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bomber in Plot on U.S. Airliner Is Said to Be a Double Agent

My Comment in relation to  NYT article and post are here

If this proves to be true, the ever so capable president Obama adds another feather to his cap. I cannot think of one other president Democrat or certainly Republican who has been so foreign policy effective and right on the mark. From taking out of the Somali pirates, retrieval of two innocent women from N. Korea, to the killing of Alawaki, and the mother of all terrorists bin Laden I trust the president with my life and can EASILY vote for him another term. This is how foreign policy is conducted when you have BRILLIANCE at the helm.

On the economy too CLEARLY it is improving naturally not fast enough for the McDonald's generation American public. IF we had not had such a cruel, mean, and often racist Republican controlled House our economy would be in even better recovery. If not for one of the worst conservative five on the Supreme Court to possibly strike down the president's necessary and crown achievement health care the president's election would be assured. Defeat of any these things, however, will not matter because defeat will be hung around conservatives' necks.

My Point: The president is a STAR and the Republican party of old white men and some white women cannot admit this is so. But it does not matter what they admit. The US knows when it has elected a sterling example of leadership.

Good luck, Mr. President, this white woman's Jewish heart and my prayers are with you. My bet is on YOU to prevail!

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