Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Not voting is NOT an option

Yesterday's election results tell a bone chilling story. If gay groups, unions, students, young people, Democrats, Independents for rational thought and god knows how many other groups for progressive change, do NOT come out STRONGLY in any way possible whether it's marches, joining the 99% group,  contributions, in the media or any other format one can think of to organize, then we deserve the fate we will get. We will get a nation that is in character as it was in 1898 except the technological control these rancid reactionary fascist-like groups will have will be stunning.

Power harnessed by the Tea Bag and other Republicans could cost
the president his office and it ultimately could cost lives.  Make no mistake about if you belong to any of the above mentioned groups the life risked whether its through no health care, no job, no home, no education and little representation in both state and federal congresses and a Republican presidency, the life cost may be yours!

We cannot, We MUST NOT retreat but we must -- to use a Palin phrase (sorry) -- RELOAD!

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