Thursday, June 01, 2017

Strange Trump…

Billy Holiday sang the "Strange Fruit" song -- linked above -- (about the lynching of innocent black men in the south) the best but I wanted to post a white person singing it so that we know the many in this nation perhaps the majority are humane, ethical and empathetic
to the suffering of others. We KNOW black lives matter. It is a beautiful but sad song telling the other side of the history of this nation to a time Donald Trump would want us to return because he and his hateful minions think to do so will make this nation "Great Again?" Really, Donald, you encourage those who gave truth to the deep sadness in the lyrics of this famous song are the ones to whom you appeal for support?

Donald, is a sad sad creature indeed! Welcome to your corrupt sick legacy, Donald. I cannot think of one ugly man who deserves it more!

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