Thursday, June 01, 2017

Mighty Mouse

I never in my time and in this political post Obama era ever thought I would see a right wing extremist nationalist and his accompanying Nazi-like fascists in the executive branch who have brought with them the political dregs of our social order. 

Hillary Clinton gave a lengthy interview yesterday. One could hear her great intellect and compare it to a Donald Trump who is not the least bit curious to acquire some. Instead of making America great again he will succeed in making it the least again relinquishing our status to Germany and France as the leaders of the west. Moreover, if he takes us away from the climate change agreement we will supplant our leadership to China. You know China. The nation Trump said was the greatest currency manipulator.  Stock up on your gas masks for your children and grandchildren.  If you live in our major coastal cites buy a boat for them as well!

There is a know nothing residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mar-a-Lago and New York City Trump Tower on the taxpayer dime. He has plenty in his retinue to create enough mischief under Trump's radar screen to cause this nation and even the world great harm maybe even irreparable harm.

Unless we can ultimately elect a wiser humane Mighty Mouse president with his/her sidecar of Democratic support to save the day and repair the most colossal damage since the war torn Europe of 1945 the answer to the question posed to Benjamin Franklin in 1787 after the construction of the Constitution by a Mrs. Powell: She asked "Dr. Franklin what kind of government do we have, a republic or a monarchy?" He answered "A Republic IF you can keep it." If we can keep it indeed!

RESIST!!! Take back the House and the Senate. Restore our checks and balances government the Founders were prescient to construct -- vote Democratic in 2018

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