Thursday, June 01, 2017

Legal Seafood

Trump pulling out of the climate change agreement is no surprise to me see link above. Nothing surprises me that comes from the jerk president. I expected as much. The only good thing is that he just sealed Republicon fate for 2018 and 2020. Let them go defend the insanity. Bannon the near Nazi wanted a pull out as did Pruitt, who sued incessantly the agency he now heads, wanted the crackpot president to pull out but no one else did. Even his main love, his daughter, and her allegedly corrupt husband wanted him to stay in.

This is good for progressives because there is no way in hell anyone can argue with science and the 99% of all scientists who know and agree about the reality of climate change. They say climate change is here and man's contribution to it is reality. It is not debatable. Fossil fuels are killing the planet and if it dies so do we. Even the oil and coal companies know their business end draws near as other clean sources of energy replace the poisonous fossil fuels. The jobs are with clean energy. Coal plants are closing despite Trump's lies that he will bring back coal jobs. We know he lies about everything all the time. Now it will be up to the cities and towns across the nation to clean their own air, clean their own water and create their own jobs by creating alternative sources of clean energy.

When the ocean water comes up to Trump's Mar-a-Largo doorstep and into the fuhrer's golden calf house I hope Trump has a life jacket handy. He is an idiot and those who voted for him get what they deserve. Unfortunately the majority who did not vote for him must share those consequences. Good luck to us as storms in the mid west, south and across the nation become more intense, hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina will be more prolific, droughts will become more frequent as will floods, fires, water, food shortages and even diseases thought eradicated will erupt. Oh yeah, the god people will have more tornadoes even more than they have already had in tornado ally. Funny, one would think god would not do that to them. Keep believing in magic to save you. It will not and the universe will not give one damn about it because the cold hard fact is the universe does not care about you.

Evolution gave man a brain that keeps him at the top of the survival chain. It is up to him/her to use what millions of years of evolution took to create. If you do not believe that no problem because the earth will go on probably even better without man and his insane wars against each other over which god is a better god. This is all assuming man dies off first.

The earth is burning up and the ecosystem man depends upon for life is dying. Animals, fish and even insects are going extinct. We depend on them for life not vice versa. Man is not the center of anything. Simply Google the great barrier reef to see climate change impact on our oceans--you know the ocean we depend on when we go to Legal Seafood for dinner. Use your big brain to figure out what to do. Your survival, your children's survival and their children's survival (if we even get that far) depends on you and no one or nothing else can keep you safe!

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