Thursday, April 13, 2017

Anti-Semitism Continues In America — And Trump Is Silent Again -- see link at the top enclosed

Trump is SO full of xxxxx it's coming out of his ears. All of a sudden NATO is a bulwark against tyranny when during the campaign it was expendable. Now Putin is a problem when in the campaign he would not criticize him if he excreted on his Mir a Lago lawn. He had an interview where he got the name of the nation he bombed with 59 missiles as Iraq when it was SYRIA.  He changed his position 180 degrees on Syria. THE SCHMUCK DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING!! He is so AWFUL there are no words.

Trump's father had Nazi sympathies about WWII and Trump is not far off. Although I don't think he's thought out historical positioning anyway. He knows NOTHING and I fear that his vile entourage especially Bannon and Spicer Nazis-like creeps will direct policy by whispering in his ear.  The conflicts and treason in his administration add up exponentially.  It is MADNESS worse than Bush worse than anyone ever no matter how bad one is holding the office of the presidency Trump is worse ... MUCH worse. My TV is lucky I haven't smashed it when Drumpf is on.

He is the biggest JERK ever to hold that high and powerful office with nuclear weapons no less.  The electorate in their infinite wisdom bought the con and made him president. God help us indeed!!

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