Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Major no double major things are happening. The thread has been pulled! This is NOT going away. Google Rachel Maddow as I have no time to explain the minutiae if I even could. It is such a complex web and Rachel Maddow if you Google her (the GREATEST most brilliant TV journalist in history with a staff second to none!!) it will be explained. In short (very short) and first Carter Page, Campaign Advisor to the Beast, is in BIG BIG BIG BIG trouble for alleged Russian collusion as an agent for Russia. It will be if it is not already is lawyering up time for him. It will be trial for him soon if indictments are handed down. He will, ultimately, be jailed in my humble (or not so humble) opinion if the allegations are proven true and if he does not cut a deal. The FBI has set up a special office for Drumpf/Russia collusion. Wonder who the traitor is now?!

How ANYONE with the conflicts of interest Trump has could EVER on planet earth think he could run for president and that sooner or later things would not be revealed, I have no idea. The fact that he has SO many conflicts all over the world but specifically with Russian oligarchs, Putin and allegedly other Russian mafia types with an adversarial nation that his campaign team would think that is not a problem is insanity. Trump, by his own admission, has the BIGGEST brain in history that knows more than the generals is knee deep in scandal with his big brain in charge. Save me. Where were his children who are supposed to be smart and one married to Jared in charge of the entire globe from N. Korea to Iran, to Iraq, to Syria to changes for all veterans and more? What a guy! His "team" does not realize Trump should have pulled out of the race and chalked it up to his stupid mendacious mantra of a faux election?!

In my entire life of watching politics I have NEVER on this planet seen a presidency SO FILLED with anti-reason and anti science crackpots. I would not care but my life, your lives, your children's lives, your granchildren's lives and the lives of future generations who may never get to see life if this sickening, corrupt, disgusting presidency is allowed to continue. Trump needs to resign, and I need to swallow hard and accept ANOTHER crackpot Pence with his religious wingnut ideas taking rights away from those who fought so hard for the rights they have. 2018 -- Republicans need to be Congressionally CRUSHED and the 2020 presidency won by the Democratic nominee--Obviously!! It MUST happen.

The Drumpf administration is in DEEP DEEP @#$t!

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