Thursday, April 13, 2017

96% Who Knew? I Did!!

I received my DNA results from but there are TONS more things I can explore with it. It is fantastic. If you care about Jewish roots -- you or a loved one's roots -- you will absolutely love this. If you are not Jewish you will love too. One can get pictures, too, of ancestors as they traveled and also traveled into the US.

They sent a pie chart but I cannot cut and paste it as it does not allow for that but it gave me percentages as well as the Genetic Communities where a connection is likely. NO SURPRISE at all -- Except for the Iberian peninsula which would be Spain. My father always said we were Jewish as far back as he could ever remember! I called it Jew blue. No no blue blood at all though. Seeing my Jewish percentages made me cry ... seriously not kidding especially because of the Holocaust, all the anti-Semitic acts now around the nation due to oh yes you guessed it who else but Trump and Spicer's comments about Hitler not using gas and calling death camps "Holocaust CONTAINERS" made me see red as my blood pressure soared. Hitler only gassed between 6 and 10 million Jews--ONLY! Can one even understand that number? Fenway Park holds about 40,000. Think about it and compare that to 6-10 million. So when Ancestry sent me what I knew to be true it put my heritage into science and it tugged at my heart strings. The Jewish story is sad but many of us have had a happy ending here and elsewhere -- so far. How brave were our grandparents or great grandparents or great great grandparents? VERY!

And now for the drum roll I am sure you cannot wait to read: [If you are interested about getting your DNA read go to] There are a million more things to learn and connections one can make.

So for me it said--SCROLL down--all the way down:

Hundreds of years ago

Genetic Communities™

Jews in the Russian Empire

Connection: Very Likely

Jews in Western Ukraine, Moldova & Eastern Romania
Connection: Possible

Thousands of years ago

Ethnicity Estimate
96% European Jewish (seriously?)  Yep!  :)
2% Iberian Peninsula
1% Caucasu

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