Sunday, April 16, 2017


N. KOREA MISSILE FAILURE: Someone on a blog read that Trump was getting his team together to talk about striking N. Korea back even though they failed with a ballistic missile test and not a nuke test. This is very risky. Our MOAB -- so called Mother of All Bombs but really termed a Massive Ordnance Air Blast --  was exploded in Afghanistan the most massive conventional weapon tonnage other than a nuke in our arsenal of catastrophic weaponry. In my opinion, it was useless. Yes, it packed a big punch but killing 36 ISIS even leaders is nothing and there are more where they came from.

Likewise, the 59 missiles lobbed in Syria allegedly in retaliation for Assad exploding dastardly chemical weapons but, in truth, more to impress President Xi Jinping from China sitting right next to Trump at Mir-a-lago when the missiles struck. It was another of Trump's ego weapons that a sickening Brian Williams called "beautiful." Is a weapon exploded ever beautiful? The Passover Haggada, the book read on the sedar nights, says no pleasure is taken from killing even one's enemy. I am sure the 51 strikes had collateral damage about which you will never hear but I hear reports that the US killed the "good guys"-- the rebels -- allegedly on our side fighting Assad. Trump will use these strikes as propaganda like Kim Jong Un uses his parade to show off his horrific penile weapons. They are both demagogues.

One can never believe Trump. He will spin any event to suit his purpose and appeal to his base who will buy all of it. Massive bombing of N. Korea should not be attempted. It should be the hard work of negotiation to which Trump is allergic. Many nations (some allies and some adversarial) have nukes including the US which has hundreds to wipe out the earth many times over. The US even possesses hydrogen nuclear weapons which make Hiroshima look like a walk in the park.

Everyone should look at the Youtube Hiroshima blast and see for yourself what the Enola Gay -- the B59 airplane -- that dropped the first nuke ever used by a nation in combat. You will see what a nuclear blast looks like and it is devastating effects beyond words. One should look so you will know what Trump may have in mind. One should view on YouTube the Hiroshima bombing itself and the after effects of the blast -- the flash one cannot look at or one goes blind, the sun-like heat, the horrific mushroom tornado-like cloud, the instant total destruction from the blast, human beings vaporized, the fires, the burns and massive injury with few doctors to treat them or their infections and needed skin grafts. The horrific radiation ensues across national boundaries, this time a blast may approach Seoul and Japan with 28,000 US soldiers aboard, China and even the western US. 

People in Hiroshima/Nagasaki of that era had and those who lived still have DNA damage. Cancers come from radiation and many die sooner or have died later from cancer. Life stops at the day of the blast. There is little help, no food, no safe drinking water nothing. Hiroshima killed 20,000 immediately. Nuclear weaponry in present time will kill millions instantly leaving the rest to suffer seemingly to the end of time.

The blast Youtube:

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