Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pence, Hands Off My Body

"Mike Pence is so obsessed with shutting down Planned Parenthood, he was willing to shut down the government over it" Link below.

These religious fanatics are a cancer on the body politic. RepubliCONS are so concerned with big government but they want to invade a women's freedom to choose and allow big government to make one's personal decisions about one's own life. It is heinous.

The decision to go through with a pregnancy or to terminate a fetus -- yes a fetus because that is what it is -- is a woman's right alone. The fetus is NOT a full term child. It cannot be without its attachment to the mother to sustain it. The mother is the one who should be making serious decisions about her own body rather than in years before the SCOTUS Roe decision going to a butcher abortionist to have then an illegal abortion where she often suffered blood poisoning, infertility or worse death if the medical hack used unsterilized inappropriate medical equipment and procedures to perform one. It happened often.

This nation will NOT go back to those not-so-glorious days of yesteryear. We cannot because the life of the full term mother is at stake. If you do not want an abortion by all means DON'T HAVE ONE but get government out of the bedrooms and lives of women who need to make their own decisions about their own bodies. Besides that, Planned Parenthood does MUCH more than offer abortion services. It offers a host of medical procedures such as family planning, cancer screenings and SDI treatments.

The religious extremists are consummately wrong and need to get their hands off a women's body! Believe what you want but leave the decisions about it to her!

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