Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Thou Shat Not Bear False Witness

Frank Bruni's opinion in the NYT's link below is masterful. In my opinion Pence did NOT win the debate if the debate win is only characterized by style. Pence never, not once, in Trumpian fashion addressed the targeted criticism of Trump by Kaine. Accusations by Kaine of Trump's own anti Muslim, anti immigrant, misogynistic, mocking the handicapped, PTSD suffering soldier and stone cold statements impugning just about everyone else with a vulnerability cannot be denied in the era of videotape. That, in my opinion, makes Pence the most unChristian essence of what Pence says he does not want to be--a liar too.

Thou shall not bear false witness i.e. thou shalt not lie. Pence did plenty of that bobbing, weaving around and lying about the character of the man with whom he shares the ticket. One wonders how the moral Pence lives with himself. Probably he does so by saying to himself he is doing all this for a reason -- ushering in the 2020 presidency for himself that in his mind finally will, in totality, Christianize the nation saving it for white men only.…/…/mike-pences-galling-amnesia.html…

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