Sunday, October 09, 2016

Dealing with Trump's sexual allegations against Bill Clinton

I will say a prayer and positive thoughts for Hillary and urge everyone to send good thoughts for her success tonight.

The beast Trump is going to bring up Bill's sexual issues and Bill has had many of them as we all know including an alleged rape of Ms. Broderick. Many are, though, of the he said/she said variety but, in truth, Bill's bad behavior cannot be denied. Today, like JFK and others before him he might not have made the presidency. I don't know. Social media is the big variable.

Trump IS A BEAST OF A DIFFERENT KIND. Any man who can incestuously drool over his own daughter's body even permitting a profanity to be used on the air by Howard Stern about his daughter's posterior is lower than depths of the sea from whence this ugly creature and bastardization of humanity Trump came.

Moreover, Bill Clinton IS NOT NOW ON THE TICKET and Hillary, while I am sure was furious at the time, did what Melania Trump just said what Melania did -- hate the sin but love the sinner and that is just what Hillary should say and I think, perhaps, is true.

Hillary is not a quitter even where her marriage is concerned difficult as Bill's behavior was to endure. In the end, I believe she loved her husband. Now in the beginning I can say I'M WITH HER TIMES 10! GOOD LUCK, SOON TO BE MADAM PRESIDENT, I'M WITH YOU 100%

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