Saturday, October 08, 2016

An Elephant Never Forgets

An Elephant Never Forgets: The symbol of the Republican Party is an elephant. As the saying goes elephants never forget. I beg to differ. Romney finally came out of hiding under his rock to take a bath in the Never Trump luxury liner now that the Republican Party rats are leaving the sinking Titanic Trump ship. Romney decided to campaign and give a rousing cheer for some guy named Heck running for the Senate in Nevaaaada or as Trump likes to taunt or perhaps he forgot and pronounced it in eastern snobbery lingo Nevaaaaahhhhda. Nevada, a state Trump needs, does not like it pronounced that way. They get really mad but what does Trump care? He does not even care if one talks about his parts private or otherwise!

The reasons Romney gives you to support the Senate candidate Heck are the same old tired RepublCON claptrap reasons against the big bad liberals and their big bad government specifically, of course, the Darth Vader in Republican land of our first black president Obama they simply could not stand to look at no matter if he shrank the deficit to zero.

Romney railed against the big bad liberals who gave us, he should say, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, won World War II, snatched the nation from the depths of the 1930’s Great Depression and I might add rescued the nation from the Great Recession of 2007 G.W. Bush’s contribution to success. Last but not least the big bad liberal Obama, who in reality was not so liberal, gave us so called Obamacare saving 20 million or more human beings from medical catastrophes and/or death. The good ole Republicans who gave us Horatio Alger/Ayn Rand’s sink or swim, live or die, all for me and nothing for you trickle down lies not to be forgotten the comment of collective Republicons in response to the question what if a 25 year old who does not have health insurance got sick? Let him die, they said. Nice crowd--NOT

It took some time for Republicon politicos to consistently pull the wool over those who have, as my mother used to say, a two inch memory. Moreover, Obama killed enemy No. one, Osama bin Laden. If Bush had killed him one would never have heard the end of it proclaiming only Republcons know how to fight wars. I suspect they know how to put costly wars on the world's biggest credit card of US debt sinking us into the Middle East in perpetuity. Who cares? It’s all for a good cause – showing how great the US war machine is and giving your tax bucks to their friends in the military/industrial complex. Instead, though, Osama bin Laden’s death well heard and cheered by all at the time, is easily forgotten the day after yesterday. Sad.

The way I see it, the Republican mantra is NOT small government although they say it is except when they want government to have a say over a woman's body or with whom one sleeps. This elephant remembers (no I’m not Republican but I love elephants) trickle down economics failed and it failed over 30 years of Republican deregulation and Wall Street fraud. Republican policies fail and when they do it takes Democrats to pull them out of the ditch and back into the big top!

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