Monday, October 10, 2016


There is simply too much about which to excoriate the Beast that is Trump. I will, though, say some preliminaries.

This "debate" did NOT move the needle.  Trump directed his comments to his base and probably succeeded.  One cannot, I repeat CANNOT, win a presidential election with the base number he has and even that number may, I say may, erode some more as allegedly there is MORE damning tape to be released about this psycho-sociopathic monster's behavior.

The Beast Trump, of course, brought up Bill Clinton's sexual issues and not only that had a stunt staged before the debate unveiling four of the women sitting to each side of Trump in a conference room. They looked haggard and Paula Jones to Trump's far left looked, well, like Paula Jones not exactly college valedictorian.  That montage did Trump NO favors.  It was ghastly, adolescent and downright STUPID.  Big surprise Bill Clinton has had many extra marital conquests.  It's old news and BILL IS NOT ON THE TICKET.  We know Bill Clinton's bad behavior cannot be denied but his wife who endured it IS on the top of the Democratic ticket. There was even tape that Trump in the late 1990's complimented Hillary as to how well she dealt with this personal controversy and stated what a good person she is.

Trump IS A BEAST OF A DIFFERENT KIND. Any man who can incestuously drool over his own daughter's body even permitting a profanity broadcasted on the air by Howard Stern sex shock jock about Trump's daughter's posterior is lower than depths of the sea from whence this ugly creature and bastardization of humanity Trump came.

His mannerisms of standing up hanging near and over Clinton clearly were meant to disrupt her but it FAILED and it did so emphatically.  Hillary Clinton tried NOT to jump into the Trump sewer and did not.  She remained above the fray.  Perhaps more of us wished she addressed more of the Beast Trump's lies more emphatically and we know he lies ALL the time.  Curious how he called HER the liar.  Really Donald, really?  I think NOT.  I think Trump is the biggest liar ever sold.

The New York Times has fact checkers.  Clearly Trump excelled at lying.  Case in point:  There is TAPE that he approved of the invasion of Iraq.  Let me say that again: THERE IS TAPE THAT HE APPROVED THE INVASION OF IRAQ.  There is tape of all of his statements that clearly were lies on the debate stage.  His economic plan would explode the debt.  It would give a HUGE tax break to the top 1% like he.  Ridding Obamacare would place MILLIONS without health care doomed to the grave.  Does it need fixing? YES and Hillary said it is just what she will do but to eradicate it is tantamount to murder of those who cannot afford healthcare like the alleged billionaire Trump.  The Beast Trump has zero empathy.

There is also allegedly more tape that will show worse sexual accosts of women. There is SO much proof that this Beast is NOT fit for the presidency it is staggering he has gotten as far as he has. It shows that the Republican Party sealed its own fate and put the final nail in their own otherwise shabby coffin.  They have only themselves to blame.  Trump's race hatreds are their hatreds but the Republican establishment espouses them with a bit more palatable class.

Trump was sniffing more than ever which leads me to another suspicion Howard Dean raised that Trump is allegedly a cocaine addict.  It would account for the sniffing he did continuously and it would account for the EXTREME aggressiveness and vicious anger of this 70 year old hostile psychopath.

Sure, let's put his hands on the nuclear codes!  Trump is a Republican death wish for the nation.  The white men are losing control of it and they do not know what to do so they produced the Frankenstein monster the Beast Trump whom they cannot control and who has fractured the Party maybe beyond repair.

Most post-debate polls have Hillary winning albeit not as significantly as the first debate.  The one statement of truth that Trump maintained is correct. Hillary is not a quitter even where her marriage is concerned.  Difficult as Bill's behavior was to endure in the end I believe she loved him. Now in the beginning I can say I'M WITH HER TIMES 10. GOOD LUCK, SOON TO BE MADAM PRESIDENT, I'M WITH YOU 100%!

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