Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trump Lies and Matt Lauer

I have not liked Matt Lauer or even the Today Show, in general, for a long time.  It is mostly a silly saccharine entertainment show while the nation is politically on life support.  It is a far cry from its beginning in the days of Dave Garroway who used to sign off the show by saying "peace."  Matt Lauer, like much in the faux news business, I believe, is a corporate shill and was so during the Foreign Policy Forum of the presidential candidates.  I suspect he went Trump light because the entertainment value (and that is all Trump is) of Trump must be protected so he will agree to be "interviewed" on the Today Show and attract viewers.  It’s all about the money, of course, except our LIVES are at stake if this con man walks into the oval office.  It would truly be, in Trump's words, a DISASTER.  Lauer had a moral obligation to walk Trump back from the lies he said like he did not support the Iraq War from the beginning.  He did support it from the beginning and he is ON TAPE saying so. The lying bucket of orange swill, Trump, gets away with ALL of his lies. Trump is one big con as Romney said.  I was no Romney supporter but he was 100% right on Trump.  Matt Lauer had the obligation to we the people to nail Trump on every lie.

3/4 of the things or more that Trump says are lies.  He says he gave money to 9/11 victims but there is NO evidence of that.  He allegedly knew "hundreds" who died on 9/11 but there was NO evidence of that either.  What funerals of the victims did he attend? -- Answer: We know of NONE!  He said he saw from Trump Tower people jumping out of the Trade Center buildings when the Trade Towers would NEVER be within proximal eyesight of Trump Tower.  Those jumping out of buildings were barely visible to those who were closer to them. He lied when he said he could see hundreds of Muslims cheering as the Towers fell.  None he claims to have seen was cheering.  That was a dastardly lie alienating half the world. 

Although, he did give a $25,000 dollar contribution from his charity, Trump Foundation, wholly illegal, to the campaign of Republican Pam Bondi AG of Florida.  Directly after that she dropped joining as a group plaintiff in the lawsuit against Trump University fraud and they bold face lied about it including Bondi who said the claim is outrageous.  It is NOT outrageous and should be investigated.  The quid pro quo of that gift begs investigation and to again use a Trump phrase “many others believe it too.”  The same quid pro quo allegedly occurred in Texas.  They dropped the prosecution of Trump University after the AG in Texas received a contribution from Trump.

Trump’s campaign is one big lie including how many bankruptcies he has filed, how much he is worth, what his taxes are, the fraud of Trump Institute, stiffing his workers including recently Republican policy wonks that left his campaign allegedly on masse claiming they were not paid. Surprise, Republicans want to be paid! Last but not least his love affair with Putin is money-driven conflict of interest suspect.

According to the Washington Post “USA Today tallied the number of lawsuits Trump had been in over the course of his career. It figured the number topped 4,000 since 1976 — an average of 100 lawsuits a year.  Of the lawsuits in which Trump has been involved, though, few are so perfectly Trump-y as the lawsuit filed AGAINST Trump's campaign by the USA Freedom Kids,” the group of three very young adorable patriotic girls dressed in patriotic garb who sang at Trump rallies in Pensacola, Fla., this year.  They claim he agreed to pay them but didn’t. Story: USA Freedom Kids v. Donald J. Trump for President Inc. posted below.

Trump lies and he lies ALL the time.  It is the moral obligation of the press, including Matt Lauer, to put a microscope to the lies and to CALL THE CRETAN TRUMP OUT on all of them.

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