Saturday, September 10, 2016

CNN caught rigging its polling methodology to falsely claim Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton

Shame on you CNN and any other cable news that puts across faux statistics!

Daily News:

CNN and other cable news networks have spent weeks reporting that the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been “tightening” – even though there has been little to no evidence in the polling averages of any such tightening – in an apparent attempt to keep their audiences tuned in even as the election grows potentially stale. Now, in an belated effort at legitimizing its invented narrative, CNN has produced a new poll which shows Trump suddenly catapulting into the lead for no apparent reason. But an analysis of CNN’s changes to its polling methodology reveals that it’s a rather blatant fraud.
Recent elections have shown that seven percent more registered Democrats tend to vote than registered Republicans, even if they don’t always vote for the party they’re registered to. That means pollsters must decide whether to sample seven percent more registered Democrats in an attempt at getting the most realistic result, or to simply sample both parties equally under the assumption that they’ll end up showing up in equal proportion. But as it turns out, CNN did neither with its poll: it’s suddenly sampling four percent more registered Republicans than Democrats.

CNN has provided no reason for its sudden jarring change in methodology, which goes against everything that’s known about the national voting base. In fact NBC News studied the changes and concluded that CNN has no reasonable justification for deciding to begin sampling what it calls “an electorate we’ve never seen before.” When even the usually false-equivocating Chuck Todd of NBC is taking a stand against CNN’s bizarre rigging of its own poll, it stands out as being particularly blatant.

Although NBC News was polite enough not to say it in exact words, I will: CNN purposely rigged the methodology of its own poll in order to produce a result that’s in line with the supposed “tightening” that it’s spent the past few weeks falsely reporting on. When you back out the rigging in the CNN poll and re-sample it using a method that’s generally considered valid by professional pollsters, the actual result of the CNN poll appears to show that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by four points, which is just slightly below the overall polling averages. In other words, nothing to see here, beyond the question of how much CNN may have hurt its own reputation with such a stunt.

By releasing phony new poll numbers which fit its preferred narrative, CNN has succeeded in convincing its own most loyal viewers that its ongoing claim of a “tightening” race are indeed valid, thus keeping them glued to the set in suspense – and it’s generated quite a bit of outside attention for the network as observers try to figure out what to make of the shocking (and ultimately fictional) revelation that Trump somehow came out of nowhere and climbed into the national lead. But it’s just the latest reminder that cable news is the lowest of all news formats, the least accurate and the most willing to willfully mislead its audience, and that even network TV news is more willing to draw the line.

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