Thursday, September 08, 2016

Homo Sapiens -- a Short Note on the Forum

Hillary Clinton did SPECTACULARLY last evening at the foreign policy forum. I believe, or at least I hope, it is portents of things to come. She can field the most difficult questions stunningly well. The ONLY thing of which she must beware is Trump's penchant for interrupting blabber, lies and insult appellations. I suspect she is much too seasoned a politician to let that unnerve her. Insults and critiques WILL unnerve him, however, and that is when the Cobra can strike him. He loses control easily. I can tell by his body language errr I mean thin skinned facial language. Color him BEET red. Nervous much Herr Drumph?

I cannot wait until September 26 for the first debate IF he shows up. I WANT HER TO CRUSH him. He is a lying, mean, malevolent excuse for a human being. He gives our species, homo sapiens (Latin for wise man), a bad name. How about in his case changing it to homo stultissimus -- Latin for VERY stupid man.

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