Thursday, September 08, 2016

Tap Dancing -- Foreign Policy Forum

How anyone on this planet could have viewed this Forum and listened to both candidates on foreign policy could not come away truly believing that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a phenomenal expert with phenomenal experience that makes her phenomenally more capable of handling the complexities of the American presidency than Donald J. Trump or anyone else for that matter, is beyond me. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, was asked on Morning Joe a question on Aleppo and did not know what or where it was. For those who may not know since few I suspect pay close attention to the Syrian civil war, it is a battle the Syrians have been waging against rebel forces destroying that town, creating hundreds of thousands of dead including women and children, thousands more wounded and millions of refugees fleeing a city of no infrastructure creating a refugee crisis like none other which, in the end, affects the west. It is a tragedy of monumental proportions and Gary Johnson not knowing what Aleppo is proves conclusively that he is NOT ready for prime time either as Donald J. Trump is not. Hillary seemed cool, calm and collected. She answered questions with authority because she has experience for a job that requires much experience. She made me proud to have been supporting her since day one of the campaign.

Trump's face was beet red which made him seem nervous and answered questions, of course, in generalities that is his same modus operandi during his campaign. There is no question to me that the focus of the media on Clinton's email has been extraordinarily over done. They do not concentrate on her every campaign appearance as they do Trump probably because Trump's histrionics are more interesting to the average American viewer who often eschews policy depth. Depth though is understatedly important. Hillary Clinton has a plethora of policy depth and showed it last night. If she could not complete the answer due to time constraints she referred listeners to her web site which contains even more of it.

One hopes that the media will focus on Trump's erroneous and weak responses that show much bluster but little else. Moreover, he committed an egregious sin with respect to his State Department briefings he now gets. He revealed his own perception of those who are briefing him by saying their body language and they spoke to the fact that the administration is not taking their expert opinions seriously. He is supposed to say NOTHING that transpires with them but forgot that rule which is why Trump can be trusted with nothing. His policies wax and wane by the hour. The fact that Matt Lauer did not press him on his support for the Iraq War in 2003 and beyond many times proves how inept the press is when it comes to the interrogation of Trump. He was caught in another lie but Matt Lauer said nothing. This is another instance of the press not adequately hold Trump's feet to the fire no matter how fast he tap dances around the questions.

It was an interesting format proving yet again the superiority of Hillary Rodham Clinton as if one needed any more proof as it proved Donald J. Trump utterly, totally and completely UNFIT for the job.


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