Monday, September 05, 2016

Pray for Me

I am a news junkie. Even as much as politics interests me I am up to my earlobes in campaign swill. It began more than a year ago and saturated cable airwaves for ad infinitum months. It still is not over. The campaign is MUCH MUCH too long and MUCH too much oodles of cash is wasted on it. Every time I see Trump and every time I hear about email I want to throw a shoe at the tube. Trump is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to with his bluster, rudeness and lies. He lies ALL the time. I turn most of it off now and I might -- might -- pick just one of the debates to hear.

When Trump is blustering I mute my TV which covers him too much because I suppose some people want to listen to his volcanic eruptions with the malevolence they contain and that brings in network cash. Well, it does not bring cash to me but rather brings on a headache! Hillary is NOT on enough to add to the saturation. I wish she had come out more to refute the accusations levied at her which amount to NOTHING compared to the damage Republicans have done both to the economy and to the ruination of the Middle East. Moreover, they have obstructed Obama, an African American Democrat, at every turn. He could have accomplished much more if not for the disloyal Republican opposition and it is the eighth wonder of the world that he accomplished as much he did. If not obstructed she will accomplish more.

Hillary Clinton is CLEARLY by far and away more qualified than Trump. She will IF she can get more Congressional support create multi-faceted much needed change in our nation. I view Trump as dangerous to life and incapable of performing the most complex job on the planet. It is a job necessary to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of events and the ability to respond to them which Hillary has the capability to do. He has none of either. I surely hope Secretary Clinton wins BUT I am sick to death of the constant air wave blather promulgated over and over again by talking heads who often know nothing about which they speak. HELP I'm drowning in political quicksand! Pray for Hillary, VOTE her in November and by the way pray for me that I survive the onslaught to come.

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